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There is a right time for building a business or a house, for moving, for marriage, for grand openings, for conceiving children, for signing contracts and for buying housesThese are GREEN days on the Conscious Calendars.


At a Glance Astro Weather Map

I designed Conscious Calendars to give you a simple way to see daily Astrological Weather – at a glance. To see if it is a Sunny or GREEN day or Rainy or RED day, join my list and get access to my Conscious Calendar.

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Access is free to anyone on my list. My clients just LOVE to see the Green Days and plan meetings, parties, special events and hot dates on Green Days. The smart clients also plan on resting on Red Days, since there is only one of those each month.


Just as you would not go skiing in a bikini when it is snowing or expect a Heat Wave on the beach in Winter, there are seasons according to Astrological Weather. Many people start a company or build a house in the middle of an Astrological Hurricane, and do not know it.


Astrological Weather describes the conditions of your surroundings. This is Universal timing and describes what is going on around the world on the same day, beginning at Sunrise. These are general forces and provide the conditions of the day. You then interact with the Universal conditions of the day differently, according to your individual consciousness and karmas.


Simultaneously, your Vedic birth chart describes special timing phases in your life. When the timing of your karmas, consciousness and the current Astrological weather are overlapped, you can make Conscious choices to act upon something or to wait.

This concept is often called Electional Astrology or Muhurtha. Muhurtha and Prasna are an entire branch of Vedic astrology.

Free Conscious Calendar

Get the FREE Conscious Calendar to help you live in harmony with each day. The Green, Red and Yellow Color Coded Calendar on my other web site will help you discover the astrological weather of each day – and thus to help you make CONSCIOUS CHOICES.

It is a Calendar to help you make Conscious, harmonious and successful choices each day.

This became such a loved item by my clients that I created an entire website for just this topic.

I designed this for you – to give you easy access to the pulse of each day and month.


Go Days are for parties, public and commerce activities, No days are for laying low and staying quiet, and Slow Days can be productive if you are prepared, but usually has obstacles throughout the day.

*** Scroll down to learn more about the advantages of having this Calendar and what you get when you join my list.

You get:

FREE access to the Conscious Calendar site

this gives you the Astrological weather of each day of the current month.

FREE PDF download

FREE Video trainings

FREE videos explaining what a GREEN, RED and YELLOW day is

Many of my clients book all of their events, classes and social media blasts according to the Universal Conscious Calendar or according to their Custom Calendar that I design for them.

The Best Timing, Conscious Calendar helps you make efficient choices and avoid a head ache of a day.

Get access each month to the Conscious Calendar for FREE OR

Purchase them ahead to know when to plan events, social media blasts or when to lay low.

Be on top of things – and make the most of your year.

You see, each new Calendar is posted at the end of the month for FREE. If you want to look beyond that and see other GREEN days ahead, then you can purchase the calendar.

Everyone on my mail list gets

  • FREE access to the Calendar each month for life. No limits. I send you the special link to the calendar.
  • FREE pdf with explanation of the calendar
  • FREE download to your calendar (whatever format you have), so you do not miss a beat.

Call Kathleen to learn more about how you can receive your Custom Calendar.

It’s called the POWER PACKAGE when you call. 206-384-8978

The Custom Calendar in my Power Package is limited. Make sure you ask Kathleen if she has room to create your Custom Calendar.

Learn more about your personal path, purpose and prosperity with a private session. Go to Vedic Sessions to learn more.



No, Slow & Go Days

An explanation of the Best Timing Calendar

Go Days Green Days

All Red and Yellow Days apply to everyone, the Green Days depend on your personal Vedic Chart and karmas for the month. Would you like to know more about a custom calendar for yourself? Call Kathleen for more information. These Green Days are general Good Days for public activities, that includes family or work functions.

Good for business launches in general, sending newsletters, teaching classes, hosting events. These days support creative acts, business deals and outward activities, parties and events.

No Days

No major business activity recommended, such as launches or buying homes. These are good days for resting, caring for your health and spiritual practices.

Slow Days

Do accounting, desk work and catch up work on these days. Plan extra time for activities on a yellow day, there can be a few more obstacles than usual. These days are not supportive for big business deals, launches, buying homes, signing contracts in general. Complete behind the scenes tasks on Slow Days if you can.

There are 5 – 6 days Slow Days every month. Still conduct business as usual, just be prepared for more obstacles.

Black font days are neutral.

These dates give general information on the day. Your Vedic chart and your Life Code determine whether these days are similar still green, yellow or red for you as an individual.

For best results in business, a consultation with Kathleen can determine whether these dates are positive for you and your plans.


Click here for your FREE pdf Vedic Calendar January 2011 with key

Best Timing Calendar


Vastu and Right timing

Did you know that Sacred dwellings, homes and governmental buildings, and offices alike in India have special ground breaking, building and grand opening dates chosen according to Vedic astrology? This is practised all over Asia and is a practice in Feng Shui as well.

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