Vedic Astrology

You are meant to Shine.


Did you know that you have a Path to fulfill?

And that you have a personal guide to your Purpose

and your unique form of

Power, Peace

& Prosperity?

Vedic astrology Shines a Light on the map of your business & Life.

Illuminate your Path, Navigate your Life.

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Your Life Code

You are meant to Shine and share your talents with the world.  Each one of us has a unique expression and when we are sharing our true selves then everyone benefits.

Have you wondered if there is a profession that fits you best?

Do you wonder about the best time to make changes in your life,

or launch that new website or idea that you have?

All these questions can be addressed through the Vedic Code.

Your birthday and time of birth create in detail your unique Life Code.  Your purpose and source of prosperity are written within your Life Code.

Your Life Code is generated when you are born.

Kathleen uses the Vedic Code to interpret your individual Life Code according to Vedic astrology.  Vedic astrology creates the map of your Life, gives you piercing insights to your purpose and your unique cycles of acquisition, giving back and rest.  As a Vedic or Indian astrologer, I use a different map than what is used in most magazines and your daily paper.  This map concisely tracks karmas, consciousness and your life path and is generated by the true astronomy of the moment of your birth.

What is Successful Living?

Your Life Code guides you to your own form of successful living.

Successful living is when individuals act according to their true nature. You have a unique way of eating, sleeping, working and even loving that supports your individual body type.  This can be seen from your Vedic astrology chart or horoscope.

Vedic astrology pinpoints the profession, community, relationships and lifestyle in harmony with each person’s genuine self.  I will guide you to find where you Shine.

With 19 years combined experience, practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine and consulting with Vedic astrology, I now devote my work to guiding individuals and businesses based on the insights Vedic astrology provides blended with my approach to ‘the alchemy of joyful living’.

Vedic astrology gives an overview of life like no other system; it explains why you are at this place in life and offers powerful solutions to help you make positive choices.  Vedic astrology pinpoints exact timing of the cycles in your life (career, family, relationship and spiritual seeking) and guides you to choose in harmony with your personal timing.

To learn more about some of the latest astrological events, please check out the Vedic Astrology Blog.

There are many different ways that Vedic Astrology is used around the world.

Architecture and the First Green Building techniques

Vastu or Vasthu In simple terms, Vastu is the Feng Shui of India.  This is an entire branch of study which includes architecture, Vedic astrology, sculpting and geomancy in the design of villages, Sacred sites, and in modern times of King’s palaces and our homes and offices.

Conscious Choices

Did you know that Sacred dwellings, homes and governmental buildings, and offices alike in India have special ground breaking, building and grand opening dates chosen according to Vedic astrology?  This is practised all over Asia and is a practice in Feng Shui as well.


There is right timing for building, for marriage, for grand openings, for conceiving children, for signing contracts, for buying houses, for vacationing, for healing and for going on retreat – all according to you, your birth chart and the conditions of your surroundings.

Just as you would not go skiing in a bikini when it is snowing or vacation on the beach in Winter, there are seasons according to Astrological Weather. And at the same time, your birth chart describes special timing phases in your life.  When the timing of your karmas, consciousness and the current Astrological weather are overlapped, you can make Conscious choices to act upon something or to wait.  This concept is often called Electional Astrology or Muhurtha.

Muhurtha and Prasna are an entire branch of Vedic astrology.  In order to support my clients more, I have designed a simple way to understand Astrological Weather.  To see if it is Sunny or a GREEN day or Rainy or RED day, join my list and get access to my Conscious Calendar.


Free Conscious Calendar

Get the FREE Conscious Calendar to help you live in harmony with each day.  The Green, Red and Yellow Color Coded Calendar on my other web site will help you discover the astrological weather of each day – and thus to help you make CONSCIOUS CHOICES.

Be Content. Be healthy.  It is all possible.

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