"I had a Vedic Astrology reading with Kathleen last week. It was so empowering! I can't say enough about the reading's affect on my thinking and motivation around my business, my partnership, and my life.

I feel so clear
now about how to proceed with my future, immediate and distant. I also feel more patient and gentle with myself when I'm experiencing one of those "really bad days," as we all do from time to time.
Kathleen is knowledgeable, intuitive and compassionate. She is a teacher and a guide. I will be giving many of my loved ones the gift of a reading with her before the year is out!"

P Salogga
Piper Lauri Salogga Interiors
"Thank you for the beautiful space you held for me today. Your ability to relate my personal experiences to the overarching patterns of the whole allowed me to take away very rich and very practical insights that I'll use for planning my business for the rest of this year."

Barbara B
Bluehorse Marketing
"Kathleen is amazing. She offers a valuable perspective and insight into one's life and business, and she's great at what she does.
Understanding ourselves better is always a positive step forward to success, in life, love, and all things."

Jed S.
Jed Share Images
"As a birthday gift to myself, I scheduled an hour and a half session to go over my chart with Kathleen. I was stunned by the accuracy of her reading and found it to be a powerful tool I could use in my mission to take a look at the "big picture" of my life. Her kind and approachable manner made for a relaxing and introspective session. I was also thrilled to know that Kathleen makes it easy to download a recording of the conversation and am looking forward to experiencing it again via the recording. Thank you Kathleen!"

Karen C.
Redfyve Graphic Design
"Kathleen's knowledge and intuition make her an incredible vedic astrologer. My session with her was enlightening and informative. I highly recommend her."

L. Brookes
Planet Earth Yoga
Vedic astrology Seattle flowers

blooming consciousness

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