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Would you like a private Vedic Astrology session with Kathleen? Scroll down for all the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about sessions and then call me for an appointment or fill in a contact form and I will email you a Price menu and begin to answer all your questions.


Signature Session                    90 Minutes
Experience the power of Vedic astrology and understand your life path, profession and relationships under New Light to expand your choices in life.
Sessions can also assist future planning.
Your 1.5 hour session is tailored to your current situation.

Receive direct, pragmatic advice.  Sessions are one hour to 90 minutes or purchased in packages for maximum support.  As a previously practicing acupuncturist, I give pragmatic advice.  At the end of a session you are given action steps or suggestions of habits to eliminate from your life, and often leave with a sense of deep Peace.  The power of Vedic astrology is that it illuminates our consciousness and karmas, giving piercing insights to the cycles playing out in your life now.  Some methods for success in Vedic astroogy include custom gem selection, a form of ancient vibrational therapy (lasers are a modern form of vibratinal technology), sound healing with mantra and abundance intentions or a Vaastu referral (Indian Feng Shui) for your home and office; all of which bolster your health, wealth and mental attitude.
According to your situation within each cycle, there are harmonious choices that bring Peace of mind, deepen understanding and thus diminish suffering.  It is up to you.  Vedic astrology shines a light on your many choices.
Resonance with your genuine Self creates health, connection and appreciation and helps you to Shine.  We are all meant to resonate with our joys in life.

Returning clients sessions are 60 minutes.

Vedic astrology package Signature Introductory Package   185 minutes

Receive your first 90 minute Vedic session and recieve a 25 minute  follow up phone session 4 weeks after your first session.  This allows you to listen to your recording, allow the information and changes to integrate into your life and be able to ask follow up questions.  This supports you to be even clearer and to make the changes that you would like.  The 90 minute session is discounted already, and the follow up session is discounted even more if paid at the time of your first session.



Career or Entrepreneur Consulting                  60 Minutes

Gain perspective on the timing in your life and business and better plan marketing and web site launches.  Timing is everything.  Maximize your potential by using the power of this ancient system.
Receive resonate dates for your endeavors, and dates to avoid for important events.




Vedic astrology vision packageBig Vision Package                      3.5 Hours (you pay for less than 3 hours)
This session gives monthly activity recommendations and gives you more time and deeper support to understand your personal business cycles.  Includes initial 1.5 hour reading, the recording includes dates for increased activity and possibly when to raise your rates.  This includes time zones to direct major projects such as launches, events or marketing campaigns, and includes monthly subscription while your package is active, and dates to not conduct major business activity.
Can also be used by a corporation for multiple CEOs or employees.

All sessions are digitally recorded and you recieve a link to download your own recording after the session.


Help the new graduate Ride the Wave into their Best Self and Best profession

Graduation Session                  60 Minutes
Vedic Readings are traditionally done directly with a child for the first time beginning at age 16 in India.  16 marks a special ripening of karmas, associated with the planet Jupiter.  This is an important time in life where our hopes and dreams are still forming and certain talents and directions are already emerging.  This reading lays out the planetary cycles and timing in a young person’s life.  This immensely helps the child and parents to understand how to nurture unique talents, interests and personality of this developing adult.
Great for right of passage or as a graduation gift from high school or college.  Parents are present for individuals younger than 18.

Great Graduation Gift





What to expect with a Vedic astrology session:

1.       How do I begin?  What is the first step? 

If you are ready for a session with me, then all I need is your birth date, the location where you were born (city, state, country) and most importantly the correct time of birth.  Seriously, that is all I need to prepare for a session with you.

I generate your birth chart.  The birth chart is a map of where the planets were at the exact moment of your birth.

It is from this information that Vedic astrology can tell you about major changes in your life, your career timing, your career path, relationship phases, family life, spiritual path, opportunities, health issues and money and investment patterns, and most importantly WHAT you can do to improve your mental patterns and behaviors in each given area of your life.

2.       Setting up an appointment

We can set up an appointment via email, on the phone or texting, whichever is easiest for you.  I typically see clients Wednesdays through Sundays.  Appointment hours accommodate all time zones from early in the morning to evening hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  I am in the Pacific Time Zone (PT).  Please tell me your time zone, if it is different from PT.

We typically set up an appointment and I get your birth information at the same time. My phone number is 206-384-8978.

3.       Have questions before we book an appointment? Book a FREE consultation.

If you have questions about Vedic Astrology or are curious if we are a match to work together, I happily offer a free 10 minute phone/Skype consultation.  Those appointments are done in the same way, we book a time to speak either via email, phone,  or text ( sometimes messaging me on Facebook) – whichever method of communication is easiest for you.

4.       How much are sessions?

I will send you a Price menu via email.  I usually give you the prices for sessions after you email or call me.  This way I am letting you in on my latest specials.  This quickly explains your options for individual sessions, coaching packages or a combination of the Conscious Calendars and sessions.  And I often create a best fit session for you when we speak on the phone before your first session, often saving you money by combining services in your first session.

5.       Conscious Entrepreneurs LOVE to have an individual session and some form of the Conscious Calendars.  There is free access to each month’s Conscious Calendar by joining my mail list.

What is the Conscious Calendar?  Learn more here: and Here

 6.       How do I pay for the session?  What if I am out of State or in another country?

I accept Paypal and Chase payments for electronic payments.  When you book your appointment, I send you a money request on Paypal.  You simply pay for the session on the morning of the day of your appointment.

You are welcome to send a U.S. funds check.  I just need the check to have arrived at my office before our session.  Otherwise, the electronic method works quickly.  You can send funds internationally from many countries through Paypal now.


For in person sessions, check or cash payments are fine. If you would like to charge your session, please let me know.  I send you the Paypal request before our session.  Again, payment by the morning of your session is my policy.  This way I do not need to know your credit card information, which I prefer.

7.       How to prepare for your Vedic astrology session:

Please make a list of your most important questions. Then at the half way mark, we turn to your list and often see that many of your questions have been addressed. We then go into detail answering your questions.

I request that you do NOT ask your questions until we are IN session.  This way you will see that the power of Vedic astrology can give a window into your life, current situation and how you are feeling about those circumstances all just from the chart.

8.       Are sessions recorded?

All sessions are recorded, and you are sent your recording via email.  Most people love RE listening to their session, as they glean even more information from relistening.

9. Do I get to see my Vedic Chart?

Yes.  Every new client receives their Vedic astrology birth chart, and each first session, I explain your birth chart to you.  For clients out of city, I send a pdf copy of your chart via email.  For in person clients, you receive a paper copy of your birth chart in a lovely color coded folder.  Your folder color corresponds to one of your Power Colors.  Everything you receive is Resonant.

10. Follow up sessions occur either 3 – 4 weeks after your very first session to help answer any questions you might have and to help you make use of the session.  90% of my new clients love this option.  I offer a reduced rate for that first follow up 30 minute call.  Other follow up sessions are usually one hour and cost less than the first 90 minute session.

Other sessions found on the Price Menu that clients love to receive after their first session with Kathleen.

Zone of Tranquility Crystal Session    60 minutes

My signature crystal layout is also known as “the zone of tranquility”.   You lay fully clothed on a table while special crystals are placed around you on the table.  Kathleen has researched and developed a unique combination to achieve an energizing, clearing and yet profoundly relaxing experience.  Many clients come just for the crystal session each quarter.

You will feel refreshed with a new perspective on your life.  Many clients are often refreshed and revitalized while feeling deep relaxation.  “That is the most Peace I have felt in 3 months”  quoted by a CEO of an Investment Firm after his first crystal session.

This is also a Chakra balancing session.

Gift Certificates:

Wedding gifts, Graduation presents, Birthday gifts, Promotion Gifts, Christmas or Hannukah Gifts,

Rite of Passage Gifts

  • sweet 16
  • birth of a child
  • Divorce
  • loss of a loved one
  • Turning 18, 25, 36, 44, 50, 60 or 72 years old
  • Career Change
  • Re-locating

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You can have a free 10 minute consultation to discuss what Vedic astrology could do for you.  

Sometimes you get a great referral to exactly what you need without having a Vedic astrology session.  Kathleen has a knack for uncovering what, who or the next piece of information you might need.

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