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Positive Emotions

Music For Positive Thinking is uplifting and creates a sense of hope. It is great as background music at home, the office or in the car. I find that I feel more cheery while listening to this music.

Wow. This such a great deal! I paid big bucks to support public television, just so I could get Shawn’s program, and you can get the essence of the entire program here for only $28.43.  Incredible.

Relaxation & Focus

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson (Ph.D.) has created ground breaking recordings for meditation and deep healing since 1981. His music has been used in Fortune 500 companies, by healthcare professionals, meditation groups, wellness spas, conscious individuals and hospitals for pre and post surgeries, as well as the American Hypnotherapy Association.


Intuition & Expansive Mind States

I began using Dr. Thompson’s cds in my acupuncture practice in 1993 because the music helped create deep states of relaxation for my clients. Now, I recommend these cds for my Vedic astrology clients who want to go deeper in meditation or increase their focus. I highly recommend any cds or mp3s on this page. Cultivate creativity, deep relaxation, alertness, compassion or deep sleep with these products; read the customer reviews via Amazon and see for your self.


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