Personal Calendar

Your Custom Calendar

Delivers Your Best Timing with the Power Package 

 created just for you by Kathleen Whalen

Many of my clients will only book events, classes and social media blasts according to the Custom Personal Calendar that I designed for them. Receive a concise and realistic business plan for one, three or five years for your life and business.

Call me to learn more about how you can receive your custom calendar for your personal Best Timing.  Mention the Power Package when you call. 206-384-8978

The Power Package      5 hours of consultation plus

Custom Calendar of Green or GO Days

(8.5 hours of expertise total)        

The Power Package

WHEN and HOW: Ever wanted help with a one, three and five year business plan?  Or wanted to know the best time to plan a launch, sign a contract, or initiate a change in your business? Take the guess work out of the process.  Vedic astrology provides detailed insight into your best timing and how to gain the greatest yield for your effort, when to act and what pitfalls to avoid.

The Power Package offers your most in depth approach to business planning with Vedic guidance. You begin with the same 90-minute session as the Business Overview, receive a year of personal GO days and SLOW days to aid planning, plus strategic consulting based on the insights within your Vedic chart.

You receive 4 sessions — one for each quarter — to discuss the cycles influencing you, and when your personal green or go days occur.

Kathleen becomes part of your business support team, offering guidance on optimal timing for launches and vacations. Quick updates and follow-ups add to the ongoing effectiveness of the entire team.

If I find your business is in an incubation phase, you will not be allowed to purchase the Power Package until that period is over. We’d proceed with the initial session and then provide specific activities to make the most of the incubation time and how to prepare to come out of incubation.

5 hours of consultation (8.5 hours of expertise total)                                                        

Includes additional 3.5 Hours of research to create your Custom calendar for the year with your personal Green or Go Days                     

                   The general calendar is available FREE for anyone to use.

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