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Want to feel centered and full of energy throughout your day?

In less than three breaths and 3 minutes

you can focus your mind and gain control of your thoughts.

Guided meditation

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Be Here Now

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Take a Deep Breathe and Enjoy.

Be Here Now

  • Easily center your thoughts.
  • Once you learn this concept – You can focus and BE here now
  • while driving, washing the dishes or walking around town.

My Satellite, Be Here Now meditation gives you the tools to orient to the exact place and time where you currently are, and as a result stay focused and centered on the task at hand.  Once you get used to using this imagery, you will use it quickly and easily wherever you are, whatever you are doing, with your eyes open.

What you Gain

  • Increased Productivity
  • Get centered and present instantly – at any moment you choose

If your thoughts are elsewhere, then you are not present.  Being present increases ease, calm and productivity. Pause for just 3 breaths and use this guided meditation, you will instantly bring your thoughts to right where you actually ARE.

It is SO simple and you gain a powerful mind exercise to boot.

Is your mind wandering all of the time?  Do you find that you feel like you are many places all at once?

  • You can complete your daily tasks faster, save energy and increase vitality when you are fully present with each task.
  • We all know that Multi-Tasking Fails.  Research shows that multi-tasking does not work.
  • Increase your productivity by being focused on the task at hand.  Begin each day and each project with THIS 1 – 3 minute exercise and your results will skyrocket.

The Satellite, Be Here Now meditation instantly helps you become present.

Be centered, be present and gain energy and calm at the same time.Meditate nowThis is my free gift to you. FREE meditation guided imagery

Do you know some one who has a hard time centering or who says they cannot meditate?  Send them this link and have them try it – regularly.

Spread Peace of Mind around the world.

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  • Free meditation video
  • Aligned Living tips
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