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Kathleen M Whalen M.S. Life Guide

Viewing your consciousness and karmas is an honor.  The power of Vedic astrology is currently my main tool to guide and assist you.

Your sessions are packed with my lifetime of tools pulled from my trusty bag of tricks. Like Felix the Magic cat, I pull different tools from my bag (Chinese medicine, herbology, food medicine, energy medicine, background in biochemisty, neuroscience, medical school or my research background, crystal healing, flower essences, aromatherapy, vibrational healing, qi gong, meditation, yoga, sound healing and more) to meet each person where they are.  This creates quick healing of Spirit, calm and hope while leading you to your Highest Good.

Matter, thought and actions are vibration first.  Sound and vibration are the foundation to all of my life’s work – from Chinese medicine and understanding how Qi informs health to mantra and sound healing.  Ultimately, clients receive grounded, real life, and doable advice that can change their lives quite easily.

These tools come from my background and degrees in:


  • biochemistry & language (Bard College and B.A. from The University of Texas at Austin)
  • one year of medical school (University of Texas at Houston school of Medicine 1989)
  • research internship programs at M.D. Anderson Hospital and Cancer Institute (first program worked with the first ever recombinant Tumor Necrosis Factor; published in Blood magazine, age 17. Second program was tasked with creating one of the first long-term bone marrow cultures.)
  • lab assistant at Baylor College of Medicine in neuroscience (worked on the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in the brain and sequencing).
  • Internships in Chinese Medicine Hospitals in China 1992 (herbal medicine, tui na, acupuncture hundreds of cases) – 2 months in Shanghai and Chengdu (which led to my famed trip to Tibet afterwards)

Health Care

  • Acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine – a second bachelors degree and a Master of Science (first graduating class in Chinese Medicine of Bastyr University 1993)
  • Practiced with Bill Mitchell N.D. one of the co-founders of Bastyr University – successful acupuncture & herbal practice began in Dr. Mitchell’s office 1993
  • Ayurveda study began at Bastyr University with Vivek Shanbag beginning in 1992
  • Vedic Astrology studies since 2002 with Dennis Flaherty

Nature, Art and Spirituality

I also draw upon my experience in:

  • tai chi (over 30 years)
  • qi gong (22 years)
  • life long dancing (classical ballet, tap, jazz, modern dance, African and improv) & drumming (dumbek and percussion)
  • life long meditation & yoga
  • rock climbing
  • scuba diving, diving and swimming, cycling, hiking, and canoeing
  • Travels to Tibet, Nepal, India, China, Taiwan, Wales (archeological studies), Crete, remote Bahamas as well as other archaeological wonders and Sacred places around the world.
  • Meeting the pre-teen Karmampa in Tibet in Tsurpu was a fortunate experience.  The magical trip from Lhasa to meet the Karmampa on two occasions set the stage for my unplanned, life changing trek and spiritual journey around Mt. Kailas and Lake Manasarovar in 1992.
  • Studies with teachers from Thubten Chodron to Robert Svoboda PhD., Vasant Lad, Gayatri Devi Vasudev, Pieter Weltevrede, Gina Sala and more have allowed me to study and practice meditation, mantra, Sanskrit, pranayama, Jyostisa, Ayurveda, Nada Yoga, Yantramantra and traditional Indian painting and more through the eyes of Tibetan Buddhism to Vedanta, Taoism and Sanatanama dharma.

I integrated Ayurvedic herbs regularly into my Chinese medicine practice beginning in 1993 and naturally was drawn to the Vedic knowledge base, since it is so powerful to help harmonize and change lives.  Having the advanced studies in Chinese herbal medicine (3 years overlapped with the acupuncture study 1991 – 1994) inspired me to combine Aurvedic herbs with the Chinese medicine herbs where I experienced stellar results with clients (and helped a few more babies be conceived where couples had failed with traditional OB/GYN high dose hormone interventions and IVF therapies as a result too.)

Jyotisa = Vedic Astrology is Light shining into our Lives, illuminating our path with spiritual insights of karmic patterns and releasing old ways to catapult you on your path.

After a dear friend and colleague introduced me to my Vedic Astrology teacher, Dennis Flaherty, I began studying full time with him, taking every class offered and full time study while maintaining my full time energy healing practice.
I was hooked, and very lucky to have a full time practice with the birth information of all of my clients.  So, I was able to not only study full time with my teacher, I could simultaneously look at 5 – 10 real life charts daily, six days a week with clients I had known for years!

I was so blessed to have this rare combination of learning while maintaining my practice.  It became clear to me through examining my own chart, that my journey and career was meant to take an even more esoteric shift into full time Vedic Astrology.

The Vedic Chart enables an unencumbered look at each person’s best profession, timing of which profession when, and each person’s dharma or purpose and most congruent way to make a living.  Not all of these occur within the same field or at the same time for each of us. And it was through understanding my own path, that I saw I could help others with their life choices with this powerful tool.
I saw my own professional path through my chart and saw how I could help others with their struggles in a whole new way, that was aligned with what I had been doing all the previous years.
The energy medicine training I received and practiced before Vedic Astrology is deeply aligned with my current guiding and healing of people’s energy body, lives, hearts and souls in Vedic Astrology.

But now, rather than me doing the energy work on you, I show YOU how to heal your own life.  You have the power.

Fairly quickly, my specialty of choosing a right time for entrepreneurs to launch, to assist smaller companies and give personal success coaching emerged.  Since I had run a company according to the seasons for 11 years by the time I came to Vedic Astrology, I had unique insights into the rhythms of solo-preneur companies.  This included being able to help individuals decide the best times to vacation during the year (since those would be down times in income anyway), or when to raise prices so to not loose out on the money windows, and when to launch products, or teach workshops for best attendance.

It is an honor to give a Vedic consult each time I look at a chart – for it is viewing your karmas and consciousness. Thank you for the honor.  I strive to support you and your highest good in all ways possible.

Your Life Map is Waiting for You

As a certified Vedic Astrologer, I help you Navigate Your Life and discover your unique form of joyful living.

I am certified both as Jyotish Visharada with the Council of Vedic astrology (CVA), and level One with the Council of Vedic astrology (ACVA) .

Conscious acts of today can create your form of successful and harmonious living.

Check out Conscious Calendars which are a special set of calendars based in Vedic Astrology principles created by Kathleen. Muhurtha or Electional astrology is a practice where important life events like marriage, starting a company, launching a website, announcing a new life path, rites of passage like graduation, divorce, baby naming ceremonies, or buying a house or boat or car, or laying a foundation to a house are all supported to have BETTER results when specific days which support those activities are chosen for the event.

Since so many people needed support with Vedic Astrology, I created these calendars to give everyone instant access to the general energy of the day. For specific events like marriage, a custom day is chosen according to the two birth charts of the individuals.
And if you did not get an individual session with a Vedic Astrologer – you can use the Green Days from the calendars to choose days where a vast majority of those attending the event will have a great time, when a Green Day is chosen.

Conscious Calendars – one glance and you get it. 

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