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A Conscious Calendar has been created for you based on Vedic principles.

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I interpret for you the daily Moon cycles at Sunrise and whether the activities of the day are auspicious or supportive of social, commerce, spiritual, or prone to obstacles.

The 27 Lunar Mansions each foster and support different kinds of activities.

I also include the aspect or ‘glance’ of all the other planets upon the Moon as well, for every day.  For instance, if Saturn is directly opposite the Moon, then it cannot be a Green day according to Vedic principles.

The Calendar overlaps the placement of the Moon with all the planets and their relative position in the sky for that day, and I subjectively (NO computer generated assessment is generated.  I painstakingly look at each day and assess according to Vedic principles what kind of day it will generally be.)

The day will either be:

  • Red (quiet, Spiritual, non commerce or social day)
  • Yellow (possible obstacles, ungroundedness, scatteredness, use perseverence to get tasks completed, prone to drama and excitement days)
  • Green (in general auspicious for social activities, parties, commerce events, starting projects days) or
  • Black (neutral) color


The Red and Yellow Days are a Universal experience, and everyone will experience some flavor of what is described for that day.

Green days

will apply to approximately 40% – 60 % of the people on any given month or day. The green days are not necessarily Green for everyone all year long. This depends on your ascendant, your Moon and what planetary cycles you are experiencing according to Vedic Astrology. I share the Green days to illustrate that many people will have an enjoyable time on those days – but it is not guaranteed for you.

For instance, you could throw a party on a Green Day. You might not be assured that you, personally will have fabulous time, but a majority of your guests will have an easy, enjoyable day and a great time at your party.

Yellow Days

Many friends and clients find that it is validating to see that a ‘Yellow Day’ is indeed a little more chaotic.  This helps us ‘unhook’ or not take life’s events too seriously and hopefully with that new perspective helps you navigate your day with less stress, greater awareness and ultimately more productivity and/or joy.

When we can laugh at the car that just cut us off because it is a ‘Yellow Day’, the world is a smoother place.

Go Days are for public and outgoing activities, No days are for laying low, and Slow Days can be productive if you are prepared.

Many of my clients book all of their events, classes and social media blasts according to this calendar or according to their personal custom calendar that I designed for them.  The Conscious Calendar helps you make efficient choices and avoid a head ache of a day.

Personal Custom Calendar

is designed specifically for you and gives you your custom Green days, and is a time intensive project.

Call Kathleen to learn more about how you can receive your custom calendar for your personal Custom Calendar.  It’s called the Power Package when you call. 206-384-8978

I only offer the Custom calendar to a limited number of clients at a time because you receive extra support with this package.

What do buying Real Estate, getting Married, Opening a Business or conceiving a child have in common?

We actively choose to begin each of these.

A Green day is also known as a good Muhurtha day; a day you choose to do certain activities that are supported on that day.

Some days are good for marriage, some are good for laying a foundation of a home or to build a garden or start a business or open a bank loan or buy a house.

We would not try to pour a foundation for a home in the middle of a Hurricane or blizzard would we?  We would not try to ski on the beach in the Summer,would we?

Plenty of people do just that in their lives, astrologically.  Some try to lay the foundation of a marriage or open a business during a literal Astrological Hurricane.  We have been given Free will to choose to when we undertake certain kinds of activities.  Why squander this gift and randomly choose an apparent convenient date to launch a new product, web site or to conceive a child?  Proper timing will foster better results, faster and with more ease and with Highest Good.

My Gift to You

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