Free Printable Conscious Calendar July 2011

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No, Slow and Go Days

An explanation of the Conscious Calendar

Go Green Days
Good for business launches in general, sending newsletters, teaching classes, hosting events. These days support creative acts, business deals and outward activities, parties and events.
No on Red Days
No major business activity recommended, such as launches or buying homes. These are good days for resting, caring for your health and spiritual practices.
Slow on Yellow Days
There are 5 – 6 days Slow Days every month. Still conduct business as usual, just be prepared for more obstacles.
Black font days are neutral.        Download your pdf here —> July 2011 printable calendar
These dates give general information on the day. Your Vedic chart and your Life Code determine whether these days are similar still green, yellow or red for you as an individual.
For best results in business, a consultation with Kathleen can determine whether these dates are positive for you and your plans.
Created by Kathleen M Whalen your Vedic Astrology Guide at
Share, please just include Kathleen M Whalen as your source. Please spread the knowledge of Vedic astrology.  This is in a simplified form for easy use.
Do accounting, desk work and catch up work on these days. Plan extra time for activities on a yellow day, there might be a few obstacles that pop up on yellow. These days are not supportive for big business deals, launches, buying homes, signing contracts in general. Complete behind the scenes tasks on Slow Days. Yellow days can have extra drama, start and stop energy or bizarre events. There are not major obstacles, just irritating or distracting ones.
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