Venus and Mercury move on the same day

Big Day

Venus, the planet of love finds purpose and Mercury finds commerce

All on the same day.  September 5 is a day filled with welcome changes.  Venus moves into Libra and Mercury moves into Virgo.  Venus, the planet of connection finds a new place in our hearts when it moves into its own sign of Libra at 8:10 pm PST.

Got Coin?

Mercury in Virgo is great for learning & intellect, commerce, sales, and making quick decisions

This can be a good time for investing or luck for some (this is based on your personal Vedic chart and consciousness of course).  For instance, Capricorn and Taurus ascendants or Moons can find the next 3 weeks to be great for teaching & learning, bringing a product to the marketplace, or a great time for travel or investing.

Mercury is the planet of mercantile after all.  So, when it resides in Virgo one time a year, like it is in Bill Gates’ Vedic chart, then this can be good for ability in learning, language and making de money.  For some, this looks like a good used car salesman and for others it is planned obsolescence (like the entire tech industry). Mercury in Virgo can also be about developing the mind, language and math formula that explain bigger ideas in out Universe.  Exalted Mercury in Virgo can be about being the best professor possible, developing minds to find the theme in any subject while helping students understand their world view or philosophy of life.

So, as you can see Mercury in its favorite place in the sky each year can help each of us in different ways.

Venus, Saturn and Rahu in Libra

In general, Venus in Libra brings people together and assists communication, enjoying the finer things in life and a desire for harmony, beauty and Peace.

Venus the planet of harmony brings people together

At home, Venus in Libra (its own sign) usually focuses on the softer things in life – like inspiring us to enjoy music, meals and evenings with friends and enjoyment.    In September 2013 on the other hand, Venus in Libra is also with Saturn and Rahu in Libra.  This changes HOW Venus will create connection, and HOW groups of people will come together.

Rather than just get together for fun, Venus will inspire us to gather for USEFUL reasons

You see, that exalted Saturn with Venus is going to ask us to ‘show up’ for our friends.  We are being asked “How can I be useful?”  Either in your community, your family, your politics, your city, or with a friend or neighbor.  You are being asked to show up and pitch in to show your love and support.  This also means that you can receive love, by asking for help.  Love may not show up in the traditional ways you might expect it.  Instead of getting flowers or a nice dinner out, your boyfriend or husband might get some things done or build something or clear something for you instead.

The world needs you to show up this month.  Where are you being drawn to show up?

Who can you call or text to just send a word of support?  This will make a huge difference in someone’s life AND will help build bonds that could last from one year to thirty years.

What is built this month could last at least 30 years

So what do you want to add to the world?  How can you show up?  You may be making a friendship for life this month.

Foundations are being built this month

In the midst of turmoil and difficulty, we all need eachother.  This is often the most bonding experience there is in life.  The good times are good, but when we bond in times of difficulty, those relationships have a depth of intimacy that often do not have words.  Think of what parents go through when they have risen to the charge when their child is sick or has needs?  This sets the tone that family will be there for each other in thick and thin.

So, who can you help?  and who can you ask for help from?  Community building this month might not be pretty, but it just might last a lifetime.

Mercury is the planet associated with ‘the intellect’ or Buddhi in Sanskrit

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