Vedic New Year 2011

New Year Ride the WaveHappy New Year!

Today is the New Moon

and a good day to begin new ventures and projects.  Each year, there is a New Moon or fresh start Moon in the sign of Pisces – and today Monday April 4, 2011 began the Vedic New Year.

Begin New Projects

This new energy begins on the first day of a New Moon.  This Monday and including the first few days of this week is a stupendous time to begin new projects and ventures.  Have you noticed Spring breaking forthwith blossoms and birds nesting?  Have you had the desire to plant something for the year?  This is the same fertile ground for new prospects, new ideas and new ventures in your life.  This New Year and this week is the time to plant your seeds.

Spring Cleaning

Feel the need for some Spring cleaning?  This is a very auspicious (good luck) time to clear and clean and simplify your life.  It clears the slate of your mind so that you can focus and allow the energies of the Season and Universe to support your actions. Act in harmony by clearing your hearth, home and mind and start something new this week.  Go for it!

Similar to the Chinese Calendar and dating back even further, the Vedic calendar has a 60 year cycle that names each year – to give you a flavor of what the year holds.  The ‘year’ is actually Spring 2011 – Spring 2012. 

New Year Has a Name

This year’s name is “Khara” in Sanskrit. And Khara can be translated as ‘unpalatable’ (as mentioned by one of my teachers Chakrapani Ullal).  This tells us that the year will not be an easy one, but it is one of great growth and change.  See my previous post to test your ability in the face of difficulty.

With challenges, we grow and often it is only through change that we can experience the depths of our Spirit. 

So even though April and May will be a big wave of a time, you can surf your way through them by what I call “riding the Wave”.  This takes balance, focus and allowing all at the same time. 
Choose ONE project and keep returning to it, creating a container of energy to help it to its completion. Otherwise, there will be lots of potential, with no results at the end of the two months.

Bitters for our Health

Did you know that the bitter flavor strengthens the heart in Chinese medicine?  Arugula, dandelion greens, mustard greens  and parsley are all bitter and they astringe and strengthen the heart.  Likewise, the bitter flavors in our life make the sweetness all the more sweeter when we get it.  Don’t you appreciate something all the more when it has been missing and you get it back?  The bitter and sweet in our lives is the same.  There are great windows for true growth as we all act in alignment with our Higher Self.

Bitters are a European tradition – a bitter tincture is consumed daily to keep the digestive tract clean.  So, the bitterness keeps us from accumulating ‘junk’ in our lives.  Remember, I am saying to taste the bitter, not to be bitter.

This new energy begins on Shukla paksha pratipada – or the first day of a New Moon.

April Showers – April Alignment

A special event is happening this ‘year’ in addition to the New Year being this Spring.  Jupiter, the planet of widsom and of the rulers is moving into Aries in May 2011.  This creates a ‘year’ of its own – from May 2011 – May 2012.  So, with the Vedic New Year now, and Jupiter moving in May, we have an eventful Spring. 

Better yet, we have a very full April and May 2011 with no fewer than 4 – 5 planets aligning in the skies each month.  This will have a different significance for each of you, but it will not be quiet in any one’s life.  I will be posting more information about each of these juicy topics this month and what it all means and how to use these active times.

What is Your Project this Spring or this year?

One of my projects this year is to support a girls orphanage in Sri Lanka and to connect with a doctor giving free care in the mountains of Nepal.  The Sri Lankan orphanages are still feeling the effects of the tsunami of 2004.

Want support from a community? Share your project for April or this year with us and we can all take our eyes to your site, good cause or keep you in our hearts.  Share your project in the comments section.

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