Super Moon Calamity or Calm?

Calm in a time of crisis

The Vedic Astrology View

There were rumors before this weekend that tragedy could be linked with this Super Moon.

And as I had mentioned in my Facebook post before the weekend Kathleen’s Facebook Page, the Vedic astrology view of Saturday’s events were not connected with calamity.

I received many phone calls and emails about whether there was going to be an earthquake in Seattle this weekend.

Mundane Astrology

The Vedic astrology practice of mundane astrology is an ancient practice that looks at countries, political movements and groups of people’s karmas.  It is different than looking at individual birth charts.  A famous mundane astrologer, Gayatri Devi Vasudev, has taught what brings calamity to geographical regions.  Her teachings reflect how this weekend’s Super Moon would not bring calamity to Seattle this past weekend, as I have interpreted her teachings.

( A note for advanced students of Vedic Astrology: There were only 2 of 7 influences which challenged this Moon on Saturday and as I mentioned, the fact that 5 of the 7 planets (other than Rahu/Ketu) are in benefic signs, with Moon in stable Uttara Bhadraphada, Saturn in Hasta, albeit Retrograde, all within Jupiter’s glance with neecha Banga Mercury gives protection to these influences.  We cannot discount the neecha banga influence of Jupiter.  Soon Mercury will be supported while retrograding even more with an exalted Venus.  This will be a Shubha Khatari yoga, protecting a vulnerable Mercury.  There was a lot of chatter on Facebook about how vulnerable this Mercury is going to be, since it will be Gandanta when it passes into Revati Nakshatra.  Note: This Mercury is still protected.  I am MORE concerned about Mercury the following year in Spring 2012, when it will be Debilitated and Retrograde, transiting across Pisces with no support.   The fast moving planet Mercury will be spending a long period of time, greater than two months in the challenged place of Pisces from the very end of  February 2012 through May 5, 2012.  That is  longer than last year, and that is without protection.  I believe Vedic chart, Virgo ascendants will have some of the most difficult time in Spring of 2012.

It is true Mars aspects the Moon and Saturn from Aquarius, but those influences were mitigated with the Lord of Saturn(dispostor of that Mars) and Mercury both being supported and in benefic signs in Spring of 2011.  Thus I am not concerned about this transit in riling up difficulties that many students of Vedic Astrology are purporting will occur.)

Nodal Return

There are many cycles in Vedic astrology – only one of which is related to the Eclipse patterns returning to the location at your birth every 19 years of your life.  Marriages have a life too, and we often see the stirs of change occur every 9.5 and 19 years.  If you can transform yourself  and work through these critical places, the marriage often lasts at least another 9 years.

The 19 year cycle is explained in Vedic astrology as a ‘nodal return’, when the solar/lunar eclipse patterns return to the same point in the sky as they were 19 years before.  We have many cycles in our lives according to Vedic astrology.   “The Nodes” or Rahu and Ketu are markers in the sky.  They make an invisible mark in the sky at the exact place where the eclipses will occur every 6 months.  These “Nodes” reside in one zodiacal sign for a year and a half of our lives.  They return to the same place in our lives every 19 years.

We often see a “theme” return in our life as early as 18 years, culminating at 19 years or with the timing of the eclipses that year.

“The Nodes” are considered to be “the elements of change” in Vedic astrology.  The nodes return to the same place in the sky every 19 years – just as this last Super Moon has (see previous blog post about this).

The next eclipse cycle will be changing in May of 2011 (using True nodes) with other dramatic astronomical alignments in the sky in April and May.

Eclipse Timing

The eclipses are June 1, June 15 and July 1, 2011 this Summer and again, 6 months later at Thanksgiving time.

Eclipses occur every 6 months like clock work.  It is an astronmical feature.  Learn where the eclipses will shadow on the Earth at NASA for this 2001 eclipse

Think about what was going on in your life 18 years ago, and reflect if there are any themes or friends returning to you.  Is there a theme finishing in your life right now or is a new beginning being seeded?  We all are affected by these cycles differently, Vedic astrology can describe to you how.

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