Step into your Power April 14 – May 14

April 14th, 2011

The Sun ‘moves’ into Aries for one month and activates our individual center of power, vitality and immune system.  We are not yet experiencing the searing rays of the Summer Sun, and new life is popping up everywhere.

Your Power Source

The Sun is our power source and the reason we have life on our planet.  Every Spring from mid April to mid May, when we see the Sun in the sign of Aries, we find direction and make plans easily.  The fiery Sun in headstrong Aries lights up our drive, our passions and ability to lead or our desire to take up a cause. This is the highest use of the passions and desire which could arise at this time.  (Watch how you are spending money and responding to desires.)

Make Plans

So, make your Spring plans for the year, revamp them with new vigor and create an action plan.  You can do this much easier now than in January when we had the eclipse in Dec and January 4, 2011.  (That January 4th eclipse took the wind out of many people’s sails and was NOT the time to be planning, but resting instead.)

When the Sun is exalted in Aries you might have more energy, act more decisively, or might be drawn to protect the poor and defeneseless. You could take on leadership in a new area of your life.

Power without Ego

The Sun also represents our ego as well.  We cannot have a path in life without some form of identity, so the Sun in your chart represents how you meet the world. 

Remember, everyone else is feeling their oats at the same time as you.  You are not alone in your inspiration; others may want to join you or may have a cause of their own.  So, for the next month let the fire of inspiration direct you while being aware that others are taking on their own causes.  Most importantly, remember many others around you are also stepping into their power and maybe the sense of being Right. So, watch your strong opinions of things, too.  As you embody what is important to you, be aware that others are also inspired in their lives. 

Try not to step on any Bunny toes this Easter.

The Sun becomes exalted for one month every year in the Vedic astrological system. So, if you are born from mid April to mid May, you could have an exalted Sun or Sun in Aries in your birth chart.  That is “your sign” in the Western astrology system. 

Solar Energy

This gives a whole new meaning to Solar energy.  Your immune system, health and vitality are all influenced by which house and where the Sun is in your Vedic astrology chart.

Let the Spring add a bounce to your step and see if there are any causes you might want to champion or consider giving to a charity that has inspired you.

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