Full Moon Ritual ~ Moon rises in a place of letting go

Full Moon in Sagittarius a Fire Sign

There is SO much happening this next week, that I have plucked three important lessons to help you make a difference in your life.

Did you know that the Full Moon and Solstice are on the same day this year on June 20?

The energy of the Sun has reached its peak length of light in our lives for the year, since the days literally begin to shorten the day after summer solstice.  See the post with the video to teach you more about this special event of the full moon and solstice occurring on the same day in June 2016.

This is the ultimate turn around energy in the year – the biggest light, biggest extroverted expression and largest Qi, prana or energy of the year.

yingyangThis is like the YIN/YANG symbol in the picture – the longest day of the year is the moment that Yang (light and energy) begins to turn into Yin (darkness and storage). Notice how the dark dot at the top of this image is the Yin within Yang and the line at the edge of the light is Yang moving into the first moments of Yin – which is the day after summer Solstice.

Solstice is not the beginning of energetic summer, it is the CENTER OF IT.

Notice, I am referring to the energy of the season, not the seasons that weather forecasters use to compare temperatures from year to year.

As soon as Summer Solstice has passed the days begin to shorten (in the southern hemisphere, the opposite happens, the days begin to lengthen). Either way, solstice marks a turning point in the year, wherever you live.

Solstice is the ENERGETIC center of the season.
In the northern hemisphere, June solstice is summer solstice and in the southern hemisphere it is winter solstice.

The energetic seasons are more connected with our human physiology and our circadian rhythms – the healing and vital nature of our bodies and of all plant life, our gardens and our food are connected to the cycles of the Sun and the monthly waxing and waning of the Moon.

Anyone who gardens, has likely noticed that spring plants grow to their highest point through to summer solstice, exactly, and then the plant stays at the same height or begins to dwindle. Test it, watch a plant that natural seeded or was planted in the spring or previous winter and you will see it literally reaches its maximum height for the season on summer solstice.

Full Moon coincides with Solstice in 2016

This year the full moon happens to coincide with the peak solar energy of the year. The solar energy and prana is at its fullest point on the same day as the full moon in Sagittarius – when the lunar light coalesces healing energy of plants for your vitality. That is some light!

So that is why I gave you the link to the Moon Salutation below, as just one suggestion for helping bring YIN into your life at this very YANG time of year.

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