Solar Eclipse May 9th in Aries

Solar Eclipse Thursday afternoon, May 9th

The beginning of a New Cycle

The eclipse will be visible from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia – where the eclipse will be occurring in the predawn hours on May 10th.

The eclipse peaks at 5:25 pm PT (8:25 ET) in the United States, and the shadow usually begins about 3 hours before peak eclipse time – around 2:30 pm PT.  The shadow effect finishes by 8: 15pm PT, even though we will not be seeing it here.
This is the New Moon, so the Sun and Moon align in Aries.  The Moon travels between us and the Sun during solar eclipses.  The forces of vitality get eclipsed for a few hours, and this is a crucial time to be conscious of what you are doing.

Setting mental patterns for 6 months

Remember, the eclipses are really an opportunity to set the tone for the next 6 months for your mental patterns.  This is NOT about setting intention notice – this is about having GREAT opportunity to NOT do something that you are pulled to do or to build discipline in the face of distraction.

For example, if you are not eating sugar or wheat, gluten or have just quit a habit and are choosing a healthy vibrant lifestyle – then, if you can NOT give in to temptation if it arises on Thursday, then you are actually building GREAT discipline!  If you can NOT do something on an eclipse day this is a BIG deal!  Focus your mind, and set your intent to stay the course on Thursday, I know you can do it!
Likewise, if you can meditate, or gently exercise or stretch or do mantra or joyfully dance first thing on Thursday, you are cultivating exponentially good habits!  You see, thoughts and actions are karmically expanded on Eclipse days.  So, if you can NOT do something you have committed to not do, even if you feel the tug, or if you can NOT obsess or be pulled into doing something because you feel like you are supposed to do that on Thursday, then that is a good thing!

The effects of the eclipse begin to affect us the day before and the day after the eclipse.  Get good sleep, nutrition and try to make wise choices.  Try not to push things too much.

The planets are called GRAHAS in Sanskrit.  Graha literally means SEIZE.

And for some reason the eclipses can sometimes seize us to focus on something, or give us a short fuse.

The New Moon means we really need to watch out for OUR driving as well as other drivers who might be easily distracted or might not realize they have their signal on.  And then if you save your self from an incident, remember to stay cool.  We are ALL being affected by the influences to tug us into extreme.  It is just the way it is.
So, if on eclipse days you can overcome the feeling of being seized to do something and can consciously choose good, calm, kindness, tolerance, non judgement of your self or neighbor, you can then cultivate more conscious living the other days of the next 6 months more easily.  Do you see?

Cultivate a fabulous life

If you can cultivate equanimity on an eclipse day, then you can essentially meditate in a storm! If you do not anger or can be flexible  and not irritated on a solar eclipse day, then you are cultivating a sound mind for the future.   This is the kind of pattern that you can set.
See how this is different than setting an intention?  I do NOT recommend setting intentions on eclipse days, especially solar eclipses.  You can shift patterns on solar eclipse days be being aware.

If you have planets in Libra and Aries in your Vedic birth chart

These are good days to be present and Mind you, people with pivotal planets in Libra and Aries have already really been run through the ringer lately.  So, take very good care of yourself Wednesday and Thursday May 8 and 9, 2013.
These are deeply trans formative times for any one with major planets in Aries and Libra in their Vedic birth chart.
Doing things differently can be good.  Just realize with all the changes this month, stability might not be one of the things to count on in life in general.  Roll with things and keep looking for the opportunity in things.

Jupiter and Venus in Taurus in May

What is ironic is that Jupiter and Venus in Earth signs want to make things real in the world, but with the eclipses and Venus and Jupiter moving at month’s end, just do not expect the things that are built this month to look the same next month.  Your ideas about them might change all together. You can create a long term friendship or launch a long term project this month, it just may change its look next month!

Lessons of Impermanence

Ah, the lessons of impermanence keep us on our toes.  And are meant to help us become more present moment.
This moment is all there really IS after all!

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