Sky Watch Sept 7 – 9 Look up!

September 7 – 9, 2013 at Dusk

Sky watch Sept 9, 2013

Venus, Moon and Saturn copyright Sky & Telescope 2013

Venus Moon and Saturn visible at Sunset

Venus and Saturn are visible – low in the sky at twilight as you look West-Southwest.  This lovely event covers the newly waxing Moon as it traverses the constellation of Libra from Sept 7 – 9th.

For your Sky Watch this week:

Notice the Moon passes from below Spica (in Virgo) on September 7th to be just to the left of Saturn on September 9th at sunset.   Venus is now the evening star.  Venus is the sparkly star that hovers just over the horizon, below and to the right of Saturn and the lovely crescent Moon.

45 minutes after sunset

45 minutes after sunset, look West – Southwest and you will see the poetry inspiring sight of the Moon, Saturn and Venus on the setting horizon.  For a great image and more information on the sky in September from Sky Watch or

Eclipses in Libra and Aries

Rahu is also in Libra right now, along with the spectacle of Saturn and Venus.  Rahu is invisible.  It is the eclipse pattern.  Rahu is an invisible mark in the sky that tells us where the next set of eclipses will occur.  Rahu and Ketu are the terms used in vedic astrology to describe the astronomy of eclipses.

Fall eclipses 2013

Next month, the eclipses will land in Libra and Aries again on October 18th and November 3rd.  Tune in here for more information on the night skies and where the eclipses will land on the planet.

The eclipses are called “the Nodes” in Vedic astrology.  It is actually an astroNOMical reference; describing where in the sky the Sun, Moon and Earth will align and create the Solar and Lunar eclipses.



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