Sky Watch Dusk Sept 13

Saturn and Venus at sunset

Thursday September 13 and 20, 2013


Saturn and Venus at sunset Sept 13

copyright Sky & Telescope

 Venus and Saturn Grace the Western horizon.

Look West-Southwest one hour after sunset, then you can see the star alpha Lib of the     constellation Libra, the two planets Saturn and Venus and right on the horizon, the star Spica.

Sky & Telescope’s picture shows you what to expect:





Venus – the evening star

Venus has become the evening star in the fall – even though it is a planet.  It is often called the evening star or morning star because it is so bright that people often think it is an airplane flying directly at them.  Notice the image from the Sky & Telescope picture.  That depiction of the planet Venus is accurate; it really does look like an elongated, very bright star!  After the two great luminaries in the sky, the Sun and the Moon, Venus is actually the next brightest object in our skies.

The term to describe brightness in astronomy is magnitude.

Venus graces us with its bright light throughout September 2013.

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