Saturn moves into Libra

Saturn moved back into Libra late on Friday August 3, 2012.

Saturn in Libra is a very special time.  Like all Saturn transits, Saturn comes to each sign only one time every 30 years.  So, most of us experience Saturn returning to where it is in our birth chart two times in our life (60 years old) and likely not all of us will experience Saturn return 3 times (90 years old).

Saturn Transits

Saturn is one of the two great planets which affect greater arcs of time in our lives.   Saturn resides in a constellation for two and a half years.

Saturn is considered ‘exalted’ when Saturn is in the constellation of Libra.  When Saturn is in Libra we see the quintessential qualities of Saturn expressed, popularized and integrated into society during this time – for the next two years.

Saturn gets a bad wrap in my book.  If you google Saturn in the vedic system, you will see plastered on the web many  scary, negative things associated with Saturn.  Guess what?  Saturn literally lights up our fears to be healed!

Saturn is associated with our fears and the very topic of what scares many of us – poverty, old age and pain often triggers trepidation for most.  Saturn can also be an  indicator of long life, long term gains from work well done, rise in profession in the second half of life, wisdom from experience, sagacity from not over DOing things, and technical skills in the sciences and arts.

For many,  Saturn functions as a very positive force in our health, consciousness, dharma & purpose and is ultimately about everyone being of service in our lives.

It is a very good thing to be of service to the world and be aligned with purpose at the same time. And Saturn can bring that for many people in the world.

Saturn Professions

When Saturn comes to Libra – one time almost every 30 years – the qualities of a well functioning Saturn become popular and thus this will affect the job market and the rising professions of the next two years.

One way Saturn expresses itself is as the ultimate organizer, manager of time, efficiencies and cost effectiveness.  So great managers can have a ‘well functioning’ Saturn in their Vedic birth chart.

Saturn is also a scientist or anyone with an objective point of view – so Saturn supports meditation, arbitration and all activities that depend on an objective, non-judgmental mind.  Saturn sticks to the facts and looks at what is real & material.  As such, a good functioning Saturn in someone’s life could lead to a career in engineering, building & construction, arbitration, research professions and the world of science.


A well placed Saturn in someone’s Vedic birth chart, say in the 6th house could lead someone to psychology or counseling & the study of the mind & consciousness as a healing profession.


I will describe in the SATURN SERIES,  rolled out here as Saturn Blog Posts, the “BEST PROFESSIONS” of the next two years.

It is no accident that Deepak Chopra released his “21 day Free meditation Series” when Saturn is exalted.  You see if you act in accordance with the planetary forces at play, we experience less resistance and harmony can pervade our lives.  So, by starting a meditation practice now you can increase the “good effects” of Saturn in your life.

This is why the professions that best express the positive attributes of Saturn will prevail, become popular and make a great impact across the globe for the next two years.

There are so many activities and professions that depend on a good functioning Saturn in a person’s life, that I am going to devote many different blog posts to many different ways that Saturn blesses our lives.  That is right, blesses our lives.

This attitude that can bring Peace to our lives, contentment and understanding of the Truth of our existence.  This is what Saturn does for us – shows us our True nature in the silence of meditation, in Truth seeking – first in science and developing an objective point of view – and then in advanced ways to cultivate equanimity, detachment and an even mind; the All is Well state of mind.

Saturn’s Spiritual Power

Ironically, it is through studying & observing the material things in life and observing that matter is finite, and that our bodies end that we can start to understand the NON-material Universe. Saturn is actually a great spiritual practitioner, a yogi/yogini and a quantum physicist all rolled into one.

One can discover the nature of the Non-material world by looking for the Universal quality of all of matter first – and begin to discover that which does not die.  The creative forces of the Universe does not die – even when we get to the apparent end of this Universe, it contracts and re-expands again.

This is the method of Saturn; repeated, persistent questioning, observation and meticulous dissection that answers some of the most difficult questions of our ExistenceWho are we?  Does something exist beyond this body? What happens to us when our bodies wear out?

All of these answers reveal themselves by cultivating Mindfulness and by observing matter first – by being a scientist of life, and then applying these approaches to thoughts, the mind and that which cannot be seen.

On a spiritual level, we apply Saturnian skills when we seek the Ultimate Truths of the Universe through direct observation of our mind.  Some call this Mindfulness, some call it meditation or even the core of the yogic teachings – I call it Mind Science.

 Saturn Practices

Saturn practices can help each of us develop an attitude that All things material come and go with time, and that which is unchanging – some call it the Soul – is timeless.

A Saturn practice is doing anything that cultivates being present.  Practices that cultivate Mindfulness or meditation and activities that cultivate an even mind help you find “the observer part of your Self”.  You could meditate or find Minduflness in activities like gardening or tea ceremony, cleaning and organizing or spending time in nature.  Ultimately, the Practice of Mindfulness can spread to all activities in our life, constantly revealing our true nature and giving us constant connection to our true State of existence – that we are always connected, Divine expressions of the Universe.

Want to learn about Mindfulness?

Read “The Mindfulness Revolution” by Barry Boyce from Shambhala Publications to learn about Mindfulness and to bring some Saturn practices into your life.  (These are all just straight helpful links – no affiliates.  Choose which location you would like to buy or look.)



So, chill out and get ready to learn about all the deep beauty and Peace that comes when Saturn is expressed in our life.

Saturn is the planet of the people.

Building Things that Last

This can be an exciting time for those who want to build something that lasts.  You could build a home, a product-line, a teaching series, create family connections with an annual gathering and build traditions, you can build a legacy.  Any project begun under this Saturn has the chance of being built slowly, with attention to quality and have durability.

As we look back to times when Saturn was in Libra, one of those times was 1954 – 1955.  Notice all the well built houses and the stability of the American middle class, when hard work was a point of pride and when Americans saved more cash than we do today?

We are already starting the trend again to build savings (even though it is a reaction of fear to the previously unstable economy).  Ultimately, the action to save rather than splurge, to fix something ourselves and put sweat equity into our work and homes is a positive outcome of that initial reaction.  Fear transforms into creating stability and making things that last.

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