Royal Dance brings abundance or overspending

Venus and Jupiter are in a Royal dance

Jan 7 – Feb 25, 2014

Venus will remain in Sagittarius through the end of February.  A milder version of what I describe in the previous post (New Year, New Moon) will continue during this entire time – great creativity, deep spiritual insights, loving and kind connections with friends and in romance, great wealth building is possible for certain ascendants out there, and over spending will be the issue for other ascendants, and expansion of career for Pisces/Virgo ascendants.

Cancer and Capricorn ascendants will need to watch their health from over indulgence, or not working out. It will take more effort for Cancer/Capricorn Moon or ascendants to exercise or work.  Pull yourself up by the boot straps Cancers, you can help SO many people by doing your work.

Do not break the bank

Just watch your pocket book, since some of you will find these Royal planets will make you feel like you have a Royal budget.  Fantasy and exuberance are the only issues to watch out for – if you start acting like a King or Queen and do not have the bank account to match, stop yourself!  Or at least take the spendy item back when you realize what you have done.  It will be those lavish dinners or experiences that cannot be returned, so stay aware!

These Royal influences are through February 25th, so be aware what the exuberant planets of Venus and Jupiter can bring.  This is where the saying “Do not count your chickens until they are hatched” might apply.  There is tremendous promise at this time, and HUGE ideas and expansive hope is affecting many people on the planet right now.

Saturn will help it all happen, eventually.

Thank goodness we have exalted Saturn to help keep some of us grounded and in touch with reality.

It is true, under these conditions, some inventions are being created and blessed with the ability to change people’s lives for the next 30 years.  Seriously, inventions in automobiles, new forms of investments and real estate (like the new investment possibilities with Solar company credits), new forms of nano technology combined with communications technology, and new combinations of old ideas that together can completely change some industries.

Roots of the NEW Industrial Revolution

This IS a time of the new industrial revolution, this time with the world of ideas and material science.  That is touched upon in my Book “Correction” (available on Amazon), and is discussed in depth in a forth coming book about the New Industrial Revolution in our midst.

The basis of the industrial revolution is being born January 2013 through fall 2014 – and the current mini incubator of January 7 – February 4th is a particularly blessed time period.

Notice January 7 – February 25 is the entire time that Venus and Jupiter will be in their current positions in the sky – bringing the exuberance, romance and hopefulness I mentioned above.

Mars ‘elbows in’ on Jupiter and Venus February 4, 2014: brings competitive edge and passion for change

A new set of influences sets in on February 4th, 2014.  This will add some edge and possibly anger to the exuberant  influences and forces of good that are Venus and Jupiter.  Great competition will heat up in the midst of these world changing ideas and development.  All of these forces together will create a better product in the end, but at the cost of some friendships and some fury.  Cooler heads really will prevail.

I will explain those overlapping influences that begin on February 4th, 2014 in the next blog post.

Bite of the Snake

In Taoist circles, there is talk of the “Bite of the snake” according to the Taoist lunar/solar calendars.   February 4, 2014 begins this phase that I think is rumored to bring this bite; being referred to as “The Bite of the Year of the Snake”.

This is not anything to fear, as all things in life are part of life.  The more informed we are, the more we are less likely to watch where we step so as to not get bit!  And the more aware we are, the more we can manage our own emotions and stay present and at peace.

Life is a dance, and this Royal dance is making it feel like summer in the middle of winter, right now.

Enjoy the gifts of January.

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