Red Flag Days

Hot Summer Days

Hot Summer Days

Red Flag Days are a TEMPORARY kind of “new” day in my Conscious Calendar system.

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They are actually similar in experience and theme as Yellow Days – disruption.   This new kind of RED FLAG day is when the Moon is with both Saturn and Mars for two days each month.


Saturn and Mars are currently in Virgo together, and Saturn has been retrograding in Virgo since May 16th.  Saturn retrograding back into Virgo for 3 months, after being there for over two years, is really asking each of us to perfect our health, find what makes us deeply calm and to clear “stuff” out of our life.  This is to prepare all of us for Saturn in Libra time, when Saturn is what is called “exalted” in the Vedic system.  This is the first stable time Saturn will be in Libra in 30 years.  (Saturn was in Libra from November 2011 to mid May 2012, Saturn in Libra was bracketed by the eclipses in Nov 2011 and May 2012, notoriously unstable times.)

Saturn and Mars

You see Saturn and Mars come together in the skies one time every two years.  Mars has a two year return, so it will cross Saturn’s domain one time every two years.

Saturn and Mars represent opposite forces in our world and consciousness – obstacles & perfection through perseverance is a trait of Saturn and energy, passion, leadership and quick tempo are a few traits of Mars.  When these opposite energies bump against each other, this can cause major obstructions from Saturn (or loss of agricultural crops to the heat, surprise breakdowns or damage) with issues of energy resources and land from Mars.  Saturn and Mars will exactly cross each other in our skies on August 15, 2012.  I have not marked this as a Red Flag day, but I would watch this day carefully and not recommend major launches, parties or commerce activities on this day.

This time around the two planets are spending time together in Virgo now until Saturday August 4th, and then they will recombine again in Libra in Sept & October.

Saturn in Libra is a very special time.  Like all Saturn transits, Saturn comes to each sign only one time every 30 years.  So, most of us experience Saturn returning to where it is in our birth chart two times in our life (60 years old) and likely not all of us will experience Saturn return 3 times (90 years old).


Land & Sea

Cool Green – Mercury’s color


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