Pulse of the Day – It’s a GREEN day today

Green Day today

Happy Wednesday

It’s a Green day today.  The Moon is with Jupiter in Gemini today.  It is a happy dancing day.  


Enjoy music, the arts and sweet times with friends today.

Or send a happy note to someone to pick up their day.

Or read this article about Yoga and art and share it with friends.  This is exactly the kind of activity that will bring deeper connections and joy into your life.  What art exhibit could you see today or plan too see this Friday?

First U.S. art exhibit on Yoga – The Smithsonian Museum

Today a friend told me about the art exhibit about Yoga at the Smithsonian Museum. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/23/yoga-the-art-of-transform_n_4148770.html

It will be going on tour and travelling to San Francisco in 2014 evidently.

Green day details

There are so many reasons today is a green day.  This green day allows you to go and swiftly communicate what you need, and find the details to answers you have been asking recently.  You see the Moon is in Gemini, a detail seeking constellation, and Jupiter with the moon makes for potential green days.

Wednesday is associated with the planet Mercury and Mercury’s color is green (that is just an extra geek detail for today). 

The Moon is five days past the Full Moon, so there is still enough light for social activities and launches and having important meetings.

Moon Mansion

The Moon mansion is called Mrgashira.  In Sanskrit, the word for where the Moon is at any given time is called a Nakshatra.  The Nakshatras are connected with the oldest parts of Vedic Astrology or Jyotisha (the science of Light).

Nakshatra is often translated as Lunar Mansion, or abode of the Moon.  I call the lunar mansion a Moon mansion.

The Moon travels through two and half Nakshatras or Moon Mansions per constellation.  Each day at sunrise the Moon is in a new Moon mansion.  The Moon Mansion is one of the components that make up my Conscious Calendars.

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