Partial Lunar Eclipse Friday Oct 18, 2013

Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse

This October Full Moon rises with surprises

On Friday October 18, 2013 the Moon will rise and appear to be blood red for some

A Penumbral Lunar eclipse is a partial lunar eclipse.  Only part of the Earth’s shadow will fall onto the Moon, as the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon.

Peak Eclipse is at 7:50pm ET ( 4:50 PT), so the West Coast of the U.S. and Hawaii will not get the same show as the East Coast.

Lunar Eclipse Visibility

This eclipse will be visible in Europe, Africa and the Middle East with the Northern, Eastern most parts of North America able to see the end of the eclipse as the Moon rises. 

Check out this a map of where the eclipse will land on Earth in this Huffington Post article

and of course on the NASA website

Astronomy of Eclipses

Lunar eclipses occur on Full Moons, but eclipses can occur only 4 to 6 times per year.  This happens when the Sun, Moon and Earth align in orbit.  Helps explain a little about how a Lunar eclipse occurs.

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