October Winds of Change


Passion and action

Fiery Mars enters Leo

Shifts in Libra bring change

October 2 Venus moves from Libra into Scorpio

October 4 New Moon

Mars moves us all into action

October 5 Mars moves from Cancer into Leo – and a Peace loving Mars changes its tune.  Mars gets fiery in Leo, and as a result we begin to have elements heat up around the world.  It will also inspire many people to feel connected with their passions OR possibly get a bit out of hand with the focus of their passions. So, look for an active political month pre-elections in the U.S.; there will be many volunteers passionate about their causes.

October Astrology

October 2013: Wow, September has been quite a month.  The U.S. nation has avoided a potential military conflict in the Middle East in September right as Rahu and Saturn crossed in the sky.  I mentioned back in December 2012 that Obama would face some challenges and actually meet them and make history.  Obama addressed the nation on September 10th the very night I thought that he would be under the greatest pressure.  U.S. politics have turned from drama to having potential devastating effects on the American economy.  What will happen in October?

Libra hopes to bring balanced change

The planet and discord has been held at bay for most of September because of the diplomatic, Peace and wisdom planets all in peaceful and harmony focused signs.  Jupiter is in Gemini for an entire year from June 2013 through June 2014, thankfully sending calming but expanding vibrations to the constellation of Libra.

Libra (and as a result Aries too) is where a great deal of change is occurring for most of the planet.

So, what house Libra is in your horoscope will represent  a what area of your life will have great change or disruption (aka, you will need to exert greater effort to stay focused).

Significant Changes for next 30 years

You are discovering whether you are making new relationships for the next 30 years or creating a new foundation in a significant area of your life, whether you are disbanding old ways that no longer serve society, or stirring the pot for ideological change or participating in innovation the world has not yet seen.

Air signs – significant change

You see, all the action is happening in AIR signs – Gemini and Libra are AIR signs. (with some fire thrown in from driven Aries.  This is where the other place where the eclipse is occurring.)

Also, all of the Mercury retrogrades are occurring in AIR signs (VERY good for you if you are a Gemini, Virgo or Capricorn ascendant or have your Moon there).

The air signs relate to ideas, thinking processes, communication in all its forms, and literally the quality of the air itself.  I will comment on how this relates to Monsanto in a blog post.

September seeds plant world movements

Right now, a significant effect is being set in place.  Make sure you follow through from September, it is very important right now to keep working on what you started in September.  You will be happy you stuck to the projects and goals you started in September.  There are going to be distractions in October, but if you were able to even move some of your projects or ideas forward AN IOTA in the middle 3 weeks of September, then you are going to succeed!

Eclipses set tone

Phase one began in January 2013, and now the second phase of significant world change is occurring September through November 2013 that sets the stage for abrupt change for 6 months first and more long term foundational change for the next 30 yearsDo not be distracted by the abrupt changes, keep your eyes on the prize, keep persevering with what you started in September and you will be very happy long term.  Do what you need to, to stay on track.  The world needs your talent and what you have to offer, so keep on sharing your talents throughout October  – no matter what.

October 18 eclipse with Full Moon

Expect to see dramatic change related to the eclipses that begin October 18, 2013 (notice this is the second RED day of the month that comes with the full moon).  Coincidentally, it is right at this time that the US Congress will be voting on the next big topic – voting on whether the US will extend the debt ceiling. If this does not occur, then the US economy see a significant shift in its credit rating and a devastating affect on the nation’s ability to borrow money as a result will ripple out across all sectors of the economy and world markets.

I have been very positive about the influences of the wisdom planets Jupiter, Venus and Mercury for most of September.

September 25th the mercantile planet, Mercury shifted into the vortex of wheeling and dealing with Saturn, Rahu and Venus in Libra.

October 2nd Venus leaves its favorite place, and leaves its world of diplomacy and calming affect on the exacting planet of Saturn and the wild card, half-planet Rahu.

It is the eclipses on October 18th and November 3rd that will stir the pot.  We still have hope for some “behind closed door” (that is Rahu all right) dealings in politics in the U.S. because Mercury will be in Libra and have Jupiter’s Grace helping things out.

Knowledge helps you prepare

But it is all of our shadow side that we can heal during the eclipse time.  For each of us, there will be a distraction, or temptation (like sugar craving, laziness, or to not hold our tongue) that will rise mid October. You have access to the RED days (if you are on the mailing list you get access to a free monthly Conscious Calendar).  This holds great power.  You can plan on keeping life simple on October 18th, so that you can choose CONSCIOUSLY.

As best you can try to choose to not be lazy, or to not eat sugar, or to be kind in the face of irritation or anger, or to keep your mouth shut because it is a good thing to do in the moment.  Let the politicians do what they are going to do, and it is for you to choose what is in your highest good during October and act upon it.

Stand for your beliefs and remember our humanity at the same time.  We are all connected, we are all one, really.  We just sometimes forget that.

We are shifting patterns of understanding each other, and we all will be tested inside our own minds on this eclipse mid October.  Stay steady, and look into the eyes of the people you meet (thank you Dolan Gadoury for that reminder).  Smile as much as you can, it IS contagious and will rub off on yourself, even if you do not feel particularly happy.

There are numerous experiments that confirm that smiling really does change your mind for the better.  Better memory, better problem solving abilities, and even positive health effects – just from smiling!

SMILE, it’s the best medicine

So, if there is one thing to remember this month – SMILE and be kind whether you feel like it or not.  You are changing your own mind and changing the world while you smile.

For every and any positive change you can make around the eclipses, you are actually changing a pattern EXPONENTIALLY (I say possibly changing patterns that go back at least 7 generations).  So, if you give into a craving, or give into skipping working out or going for your walk, then you just might have a little harder time with that habit for 6 months.

So, smile and keep your booty moving is the motto of the month.

inner peace

SMILE and be happy


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