October 3 & 4 – A Quiet dip before things heat up

October 3 and 4th are the calm before things heat up

Oct 3 &4 are not just the last two days in the lunar cycle this month.  The New Moon begins October 4th after sunrise and Mars moves significantly on October 5.  All before the October eclipse of 2013.

Mars shifts

October 5 Mars Moves constellations – from watery and Peace loving Cancer to Fiery Leo.

Recently, Mars in Cancer could have been contributing to a slight fatigue or lack of inspiration for Aries and Scorpio ascendants  (since Mars rules these signs).

So, get ready!  Leo, Aries, Scorpio and Sagittarius ascendants are about to get their mojo back.  The rest of us will also feel a spring in our step, find inspiration more easily and discover passion for a cause or project in our lives.  The heat will be on.

Mars in Leo

On and after October 5th, Mars in Leo happily steps into action.  This Mars gets things done, and does so with heart.  This Mars helps you follow intuition, follow your gut and follow your heart.

US stock market about to heat up – instability and opportunity combined

Get ready to see volatility in the U.S. stock market.  Sure, it seems no surprise to hear that consumer confidence is at an all time low since August of 2012 with the government shut down.   Who wouldn’t expect to see this shift?

The Business Insider articles shares interesting data on this (October 3, 2013)


Even though I am not here to tell you that there will be all time highs like we had in the spring of 2013; October 3 & 4th will be the quiet before the kerfuffle begins after October 5th.

Deals being negotiated that will affect the GDP of the nation are going to get even more heated, especially between October 5 and October 18.  Now, we cannot forget Mercury in all of this, since the mercantile planet is with wheeling and dealing Rahu and Truth speaking and fact seeking Saturn.

Know that there are currently deals being negotiated behind closed doors  with Mercury and Rahu in Libra.  The theatre of the U.S. House and Senate are putting on a good show, and it is going to get more entertaining and Heart attack or stroke inducing after October 5th if a deal is not struck quickly.

It just so happens that the combination of the planet that represents the stock market for the United States (Mars) is about to transform.  Mars moving into Leo combines speculation and the stock market for the US with windfall indicators.  So there are going to be some very big winners in October.  But it might be on the hedging of some take overs like in the semi-conductor business.  SUNE, SunEdison is spinning off  its semi-conductor business for $250 million to focus on its higher margin solar business.  https://eresearch.fidelity.com/eresearch/evaluate/news/basicNewsStory.jhtml?symbols=SPWR&days=&category=&sb=1&st=&san=&sc=&storyid=201309090709RTRSNEWSCOMBINED_L3N0H52F3_1

Some sectors are going to heat up (energy sector) and other sectors are going to collapse or experience hostile takeovers in the onward move to consolidate from October 5 through the eclipse of October 2013.

Now keep in mind, solar has been hot off and on for years, but with the solar eclipse and the Sun in its most challenged place all year (this happens once every 9 years by the way), I expect to see energy extraction, consumption and even solar as a renewable to take a temporary dip in the month of October (mind you, this is NOT a stock tip, as the energy sector and solar is multifaceted and massive).

Mars in the sign of the Sun

Mars in Leo is in the house of the Sun.  And in general, Mars brings out the intuition and passion I mentioned before.

EXCEPT, we are on the verge of a SOLAR ECLIPSE, and the Sun is in Libra.

Personal Effect of Mars in Leo

You see, Mars in Leo will send a more combative tone to the dealings of Libra.  For instance, if you are a Libra ascendant, you might experience some anger directed towards you, or an inappropriate pass from a neighbor, or someone just being short with you.  Aries ascendants might feel the fire in their belly and really want to move some agendas forward, and might accidently step on their romantic partner’s or work partner’s toes.

The eclipsed Sun in Libra is deeply challenged

So, we will all feel the heating up of inspiration in our every day lives, but the connection with the greater whole might be harder to find.  Since the Regal leader, the SUN represents in an individual’s chart, the soul as well as physical vitality among other things.   In general, the Sun in Libra brings humility, and sometimes a self effacing quality that does not bowl people over.  Bill Gates is born with Sun in Libra, and although he has a withdrawn nature has still led Microsoft and his non-profit to be one of the most influential companies in the world.

The combination of fiery Mars and a quieter almost internalized force of the Sun will create some very intense internal clearing experiences for people.  Plan on burning away any cobwebs in your consciousness if you are up for it.

The breath of Fire – a form of Yogic breathing will help this process of internal cleansing during the month of October.

Get ready for inspiration, and allow your internal fires of creativity burn.  It is not time to express your realizations yet. This first phase is for you.  Then over the next two months, your realizations can see the light when you share your insights from this month.


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