Obama and Diplomacy in Syria

Syria in the balance

Earth in the balance

September 5th Venus brings Diplomacy to the world

On September 5th, Venus moved into its own sign – Libra.  This is the domain of diplomacy.  People born with major planets in Libra can be diplomats or work in the world of mediation and arbitration.

This fares well for the world diplomats looking at how to handle the issues in Syria.  When some of the issues on Syria started to really hit the news, Venus the planet of diplomacy was deeply challenged and there were no real solutions in sight.  I told my friends and clients, that after September 5th diplomacy could be found.

US Congress in recess until after September 5th

Since Obama declared that his solution needed to be ratified by the United States congress for a single strike on Syria – I knew that diplomacy would likely reign, as long as a vote came some time after September 5th.  Venus (diplomacy and kindness) AND Jupiter (wisdom and solution based) are shining their light onto Libra.

Venus and Jupiter are planets of light and teaching

The benefic planets Venus and Jupiter can bring reason to a situation.  And Libra is the domain of where the war and chemical weapons is being stirred.

Ironically enough, Rahu IS the planet of poison.  And with the eclipse pattern – Rahu – in Libra, the news of possible chemical weapons made it into the mainstream news media.  It is all about timing – since there are allegations that Assad’s father also allegedly used chemical weapons, more often and over a longer period of time.  This did not seem to make it into the mainstream media.  But now Syria is in the middle of a world debate.

It has been 148 years – since the end of the U.S. Civil War – that Saturn and Rahu have both resided in Libra.

The three planets Saturn, Rahu and Venus are what is bringing this discussion to the light to be discussed by the world.

Mercury adds its two cents to resolution on September 25th

Perhaps a solution will be created in the U.N. that will financially fine a country for certain acts against its own people.  This will not be a war like solution, but a fine that could be impuned on a nation – that could fund Peace missions by the U.N.

Mercury is the other planet of light, and Mercury moves into Libra on September 25th

With all 3 benefic planets influencing Libra (also a sign of light and diplomacy), there will be an interesting development in the world’s approach to the issue of Syria.

Hope for Peace in Syria, Hope for our internal Peace

This could bode well for the issues that have been brewing in Syria.  Venus with Saturn and Rahu in Libra is a potent combination the entire month of September.  While Rahu on the one hand can bring wild card attitudes, it can bring new ideas to the mediation minded Saturn with Venus in Libra wanting everyone to get along and play nice.

So, society will be challenged to want Peace.  For each of us, individually, we are being asked this month to give up “being right”, to develop dispassion around our desires in the moment and stop our internal whining.  Remember the bigger picture to motivate you to be there for your fellow man, have compassion for your neighbor or just volunteer where you can be of use in the world.

Not to be too harsh, but just close your mouth and show up and help.

Obama will be challenged and rise the occasion this month

As I talked about this in December 2012 and January 2013, Obama will have many challenges this month.  He might even find himself in the middle of a tragedy in America.  And true to his Saturn ways, he will roll up his sleeves and show up to help.  This will be no president viewing a tragedy from above in an airplane.  He will be in the trenches getting dirty to help his fellow man.

September will be filled with history making moments.

And despite what we all see on the surface or in the media, I can bet you that later, many years from now, we will find out just what Obama did during these years that prevented even worse blood shed or injury during the month of September.

(SEE PBS special on the Cuban missile crisis – JFK was the only dove in the entire room during the crisis.  Every single one of his advisers was recommending that the US go to war with Russia.  With now unsealed documents, we have a front row seat to the entire crisis as it unfolded and the difficult decisions that JFK and Khrushchev made during this time.)

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