New Moon in Taurus

New moon in Taurus officially begins June 5, 2016 (June 6 for those in s. hemisphere)
The New Moon rises in a special region of Taurus.

Beautiful Girl Jumping in the Air on a Mountain

Beautiful Girl Jumping in the Air on a Mountain


The Moon brings great light to consciousness when it in this region of Taurus (called Rohini in Sanskrit, its mooltrikona). Since the Moon is new in this special place, it brings you the message as a secret gift is being sprinkled into your soul.

It is as if the night will come and whisper a secret into your ear while you are sleeping. You will remember what you need when the time comes.
Your dreams will bring you gifts!

This is a subtle message of creativity as hope arrives in the middle of a high energy time of summer (in the northern hemisphere) and brings the quietest energy of the year in mid-winter for those in the southern hemisphere.

This New Moon is connected with fertility, verdant growth, and deep creativity, but it is a new moon – which means the energy is still vulnerable, and not yet ready to be shared with the world. It is a time of beginnings, but of ideas and dreams that still need to be tended close to your heart.

For instance, I waited to plant strawberry starts I purchased 10 days ago until this first Lunar day on June 5th ~ to align with the seeding new energy and give the plants the best growing conditions.
It is the same growing conditions with ideas, hopes, home, community or work projects, conversations and starting anything new. This new moon supports organized and steady growth.
In the short term you will see these results through June 20, and in the long term seeds of actions planted from June 5 – June 20 will grow steadily for an entire year.

Listen to Your Dreams
This New Moon gives the energy to seed dreams, and my advice is to LISTEN TO YOUR EARLY MORNING DREAMS – LISTEN to what comes in your meditation or mantra practice from June 2 – June 9. It is not a time for acting large and bold on an idea – it is a time to harness the energy around an idea, around creativity and letting small dreams grow slowly and steadily through June 20th.

New Moon Activity:
From June 2 – 9, do ONE of the following each day.
• Wake Before Dawn and write down memories, impressions, images or scenes from your last dream of the morning.
• Journal after meditating or sitting quietly, any time in the day. Quiet will bring you answers, especially in this window of time. You will be able to look back in two weeks and see your answers plain as day.
• Take 10 – 20 minutes to allow yourself to be creative in any way. Try line drawing, coloring, painting, adding edible flowers to your salads, singing with your favorite songs out loud, dancing, or allowing your arms and body to sway in some free form way.
Dance as if no one is watching, since this truly helps unleash healthy stimulus to mind and soul and will balance your being in entirely new ways.

If you would like to stay on top of weekly planetary alignments and what it all means – and get guidance on how to act in alignment with the energy of the day, then join the Conscious Calendar community over on the free Facebook page.

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