Mercury Retrograding in Aquarius Right Now

The first Mercury retrograde of the year is here

Mercury will appear to retrograde in Aquarius beginning about 1:40pm PT on Saturday February 23, 2013.

This can be a time filled with insights for Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius ascendants (in the Vedic or sidereal system).

So be prepared for new messages of wisdom gracing some of you, and everyone can look for sales (on items you were planning on buying anyway).

Mercury will Retrograde Feb 23 – Mar 17, 2013

  • We can all dance an extra jig on St. Patrick’s Day, as Mercury goes direct and Green is the color that can help balance Mercury issues in a Vedic chart.
  • Try drinking a little Green Tea early in the morning during this Mercury Retrograde, to keep your mind sharp.
  • The Full Moon is 12:25pm PT Monday Feb 25, 2013 (PurvaPhalguni)
  • The last GREEN day of February is Thursday Feb 28, 2013

Mercury is the planet of Buddhi or of intellect in the Vedic system.

In the Vedic myths, Mercury is the son of the Moon (Mind).  Mercury can have a strong bearing on our ability to express ourselves in life – from the everyday levels of communication.  It can affect your ability to understand the details of the mundane details of work and life (sometimes life just has too much information to process), or your ability to articulate your personal experience of the Divine.

Mercury – the planet of communication

And so, with each Mercury retrograde, issues of expression or feeling understood can sometimes rise to the surface of life – usually in the form of our relationships, or in our communications in relationships.  This refers to all kinds of relationships – romantic relationships, customer, work, neighborly, community or committee relationships.  Any place in life, where we speak, write or communicate can uncover misunderstandings, breaks in communication or places that need clarification.

Finding ways to understand what was not understood previously can Grace us during the end of Mercury retrogrades, but often not before we identify some place in our lives we have made an assumption, or thought that we knew how someone else felt or what they knew or understood.

You don’t like Green Eggs and Ham, too?

A classic example of a Mercury retrograde miscommunication is shedding light on a misunderstanding – that you did not know you had.

For example, it might look  something like this:

Scenario A

Discovering that your partner did not enjoy a party, dinner, experience or person from the past that you might have thought he/she did,  because you both seemed to have had a good time – at least you thought they enjoyed themselves.

Or perhaps the exact opposite assumption occurred:

Scenario B

Discovering that your partner did like something from the past, you had  assumed they did not.  Perhaps you discover that they had gas that night or were coming down with the flu and so you assumed that scowl on their face was because they did not enjoy themselves.  And alas, you discover you had made an assumption from the expression on their face.

Classic.  It is at this time, that new information about how you see or understand something in your life becomes unearthed.

Now, remember to not argue about being right.  Take each new piece of information and digest it, and notice.

The details of Consciousness

This is how Mercury is meant to assist us – to help us fit all the details together for greater understanding.


Not every retrograde affects everyone equally.  To find out if this retrograde is significant for you, you can read my Mercury Report with all the retrograde dates of the year.  I give this out to anyone on my email list.  It will also be part of a short book on Mercury that will be published later this year.

So, look for the messages, back up your computer, and listen to what you actually say.  Did you really mean that?

Or is there a better way to express yourself, or is silence better for now?  Clarity may strike you just around the corner.

Enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day, and have some Green tea to keep your mind sharp.


Want to know what a GREEN day is?  Learn all about it at
I created this site as a modern day calendar – with color coded days to help you understand the best launch days, best quiet days, and which days to prepare for set backs – all to assist your conscious living.

If we increase our awareness, we can remain present, and be more calm and composed – or at least laugh a little when a commute takes 10minutes longer because it was a Yellow Day, and we were expecting delays anyway.

Stay present moment and cultivate more happiness this way!

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