Mercury Retrogrades Feb 6 – Feb 28

Learning to Love Mercury Retrograde

Get your things in order, back up your files…the First Mercury Retrograde of the year will occur Feb 6 – Feb 28, 2014.

How to Use Mercury Retrograde in your life

How to Use Mercury Retrograde in your life

What you need to know about Mercury Retrograde

Two Big tips to prepare for Mercury Retrograde.  Here are the basics.  If you have not already backed up your systems, then do so right away.  Reassess how often and where you are backing things up.  Is your external hard drive still viable?  Do you need a new one?

1. Back up any and all computers, and technical information now – the week before Mercury retrogrades.

This can include duplicating hard copy or old family photos and finding a remote location to store them.  Or duplicating your computer hard drive and storing it at another location or your safe deposit box.  This also includes double checking that you have saved items to both a hard drive and your Cloud account, just in case.

Hey, Mercury does this three times a year.  What would it hurt to asess back ups three times a year (ideally this is set up to be done automatically), but then where are those back ups, backed up? Investigate what your back up methods are…you might be happy you did.

2. Sales Galore

Keep an eye out for what events you want to attend over the next 3 – 4 months and your summer travel plans.  You MAY see flights and travel deals you have been thinking about purchasing OR you may see a change in your event details (with a better deal for you!) OR something could change with where you will be staying. It is a great time to find deals on Summer event tickets, or stumble on an unexpected concert the day of the show during the month of February.

Sale items: Okay, most of us do not need more stuff.  And if, you had plans to purchase an item this year (furniture, household goods, clothes), you might benefit from seeing if your ‘stuff’ goes on sale during this Mercury retrograde.

Often you can hear of an advertised sale, and when you arrive at the store or ticket office, you might discover that items are marked down even more!  It is a karmic thing – of course there are sales in the spring to get rid of the previous season’s stock. But it is amazing to witness that the store you walk into might have the item you have been thinking about purchasing anyway – on sale.

(Please buy responsibly.  :))

Where are you meeting for dinner?  Double check!

Where are you meeting for dinner? Double check!

3. When Mercury is retrograde:

Double check all appointments (remind clients), social meetings or gatherings (this includes double checking which location of a restaurant you are meeting friends or what time or day you are meeting.)

Inevitably, appointments change or someone has not written or saved their appointment correctly during this time.  Be aware, appointments made during retrograde can also go awry in March because of the conditions surrounding the appointment you made.

It is too funny, either I or a client forget their usual way of making appointments during Mercury retrograde, and I laugh every time it happens (only three times a year, with different people.  :))


  • Make an  extra effort to remember to bring your phone and day timer to all of your regular appointments in February!

Remember, not everyone is affected by Mercury Retrogrades equally.  More on that in my book about Mercury Retrogrades due to be published soon.

Motto of the Month: Stay Flexible!

Mercury is about flexibility. If we can go with the flow, while adjusting and remaining steadfast, the prize will be cheerfulness in any situation, lower blood pressure and rewards beyond measure = your contentedness and happiness.

Remember Mercury is retrograding while other factors are still in play:

1. Venus and Jupiter remain opposite each other (in Sagittarius and Gemini) through February 25, 2014.   Watch your spending you Taurus ascendants!

2. Saturn and Rahu remain in Libra through summer and fall of 2014.

3. Mars moves to Libra on February 4th for a few months – spicing up that Libra and bringing some competition and strong desires to make lasting change in the world.  This kind of passion is for lasting Peace – so strong sometimes people might act violently to bring about Peace.  It is more about passion than logic.  Thankfully, that Saturn will keep most people from acting on their desires – but keep an eye out for a rogue activist in the Sochi Olympics.  (no surprise).   This was discussed in the other blog post as “Mars elbows in on Jupiter and Venus” and brings the Bite of the Year of the Snake.

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