Mercury Retrograde – The Summer of Insights


Mercury appears to Retrograde from the evening of July 14 – August 7, 2012.  We begin to feel the effects on Sunday July 15, 2012 when the Sun rises on these new conditions.

One of Four Areas of Your Life

You will observe Mercury’s Retrograde affect you in one of four areas of your life:

Purpose, Acquisition, Pleasure or Freedom

  • What is my life & year or Summer really about? Dharma or Purpose
  • What really IS my income, am I learning what I need to in order to achieve my goals? Do I need that or want that? It is a Reality check.  Artha or Acquisition
  • How can I RE-connect with my friends, community and the fun parts of myself? Kama or Pleasure with friends and loved ones
  • What can I eliminate to make living simpler or less burdened?  You can let go of things or ideas about yourself or lifeYou can let go of grudges, resentments or stories about yourself or someone else.  Moksha or Freedom/Liberation

Use the power of Vedic astrology to help you pinpoint what of these phases is operating in your life right now – with this Mercury Retrograde.

Receive the Message

Remember, Mercury retrogrades occur 3 – 4 times per year for 3 – 6 weeks at a time.  So, they are a regular event that you can help to organize your life.  Do not worry about Mercury Retrogrades.  They can be used to empower you and empower your life.


New messages and information come with Mercury retrogrades.

In what area of your life are you receiving a new message?

They can be used to your advantage, if you act in alignment with how it is operating in your life.

Everyone is affected by Mercury Retrogrades.

Who Feels it More?

Mercury Retrogrades affect some people MORE than others.  So, you will not experience major shifts in your life with every Mercury Retrograde.  Whew!

Those who are affected more by Mercury Retrogrades:

  • You are a Mercury ruled Ascendant – a Gemini or Virgo ascendant in the Vedic system
  • You are in your Mercury cycle of life (this is a special feature of Vedic astrology – planetary cycles of life)
  • You are born with Mercury Retrograde
  • You have natal planets in the sign in which Mercury is retrograding (now, the sign of Cancer)
  • You are in your Moon cycle of life (again, related to where Mercury is retrograding right now)

This information is for the more serious of Vedic astrology students.  If you know your Vedic birth chart, then you can understand more about what insights are lighting up in your life.  You can be prepared and head off possible loss of data, missed communications or change in relationships.

Knowing your Vedic chart can be very empowering.

RE-assess Your Life

Like many people regularly do Spring cleaning, you can use this time to RE-assess parts of your life.  It can be very simple really.


You might be RE-defining what is important to you or RE-aligning with your values in life right now.


RE-assessing how to save time doing things you regularly do.


RE-connecting with family & friends.  A common Summer past time with deeper significance for you this Summer.


RE-viewing what you can shed to make life lighter.


With these insights, you can harness the power of how Mercury is “lighting up” in your life.

Mercury has to do with communications and technology that helps us communicate – so many people experience some form of a misunderstandings that can lead to insights.  You can gain clearer understandings and communications – if you listen and notice what message is being delivered to you.


So, what message is Mercury going to deliver to you during this time?  Listen and deepen your life while you are at it.


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