Mercury Retrogrades October 21 – November 10, 2013

Mercury Retrogrades

Mercury will begin retrograding October 21, 2013

Mercury appears to move against its regular orbit pattern (the definition of Mercury retrograde) from October 21, 2013 through November 10, 2013.

Mercury in Libra

Mercury will retrograde in Libra – the constellation where Saturn and Rahu (one of the eclipse patterns) currently reside.  Mercury usually communicates well in the sign connected with Venus, but with the rambunctious eclipses in Libra with tough love Saturn, this month will be filled with technology screw ups and snafus – meaning that we will see more electrical, technological and communications based blow ups, problems or loss of information

The Planet of Communication

Data Problems

Luckily, Mercury is the planet of communications, so most people will be able to RE- cover their information, or fix the technological mistakes, but it will take effort. 

Appointment or Dinner date mistakes

Since Mercury is the planet of communication, there might be mix ups with appointments, dinner dates, and time and date confusion with people or appointments.

Commonly, clients or friends get the day, or time wrong of an appointment, or a friend goes to the wrong restaurant to meet you, or these days, someone mis-calculates the time zone difference for a phone appointment or you ‘just miss’ a family member on the phone, since their plans changed.

Mercury Retrogrades occur every year

Remember, Mercury Retrogrades occur 3 to 4 times per year and last 3 to 6 weeks each time.  Mercury retrogrades are a repeating event that you can count on every year. 

Do these things every Mercury Retrograde:

  • Double and triple check appointments with clients

  • Double check the location of where you are meeting friends (often the place you meet a friend might change)

  • Expect clients and friends to need to reschedule or move the time or location of an appointment or date

  • Back up your data

  • See where in your life you could communicate better or clearer

Use them to Plan

Since Mercury Retrogrades are a regular event, you can use these times to plan.  Plan on making sure your back up systems or cloud storage are up to snuff BEFORE Mercury actually retrogrades.  Otherwise, you may find that you are RE-evaluating the best method to store data or how you communicate with your clients as a result of some screw up in your current set up.

Thus, oddly enough, Mercury Retrogrades can help you organize your year.  It is good to check your back up systems and how you communicate in your romantic, work and family relationships a few times a year.  You can use this repeated event as a gentle reminder to check whether you are communicating what you think you are saying.

What are you really saying?

Many of us are surprised when we discover that we thought a friend or partner KNEW what we were talking about when we mention a term or place.  Remember we all have different points of view and the same word means something different to you than for me. 

Mercury Retrogrades just give us a reminder to look into a specific area of life, and see whether we really are saying what we mean.  Or we are being asked to redefine what someone else means when they refer to a term. 

I just had a conversation with a friend, who was helping me hire some help in my business.  I discovered that we had two different understandings of what a “copy writer” does.  This made a huge difference, since we were discussing who I might hire and what I expected them to do.

Receive the Message

New messages and information come with Mercury retrogrades.

In what area of your life are you receiving a new message

Where are you RE-negotiating something in your life, a contract, a home chore schedule, a carpool or volunteering schedule? 

Look, listen and watch for the new information.  Somewhere in your life you are having an aha! moment.  Somewhere in your life, you are learning something new, and are realizing that you made assumptions about either your commitment, what a word meant, or whether you even have a good time with certain friends.

Look for the Message – it is right in front of you

Look for the message.  It might have been hidden and yet reveals itself during the Mercury retrograde.


 Mercury Retrogrades are not meant to make you worry.  They can be used to empower you and empower your life.

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