Mercury goes direct Nov 10 but Communications might still be haywire

Mercury: the Messenger Planet

Mercury appears to go direct on Sunday Nov 10 at 9 am EST

At 6am Pacific Time

Bright and early this weekend, the Retrograding Mercury finally goes direct.  This Mercury retrograde has been from October 21 through November 10th.

Mercury appears to reverse direction across our skies IN LIBRA when it is retrograde.  This occurs three times per year for just under three weeks each time.

Mercury crosses Saturn and Rahu in Libra = controversy

This Mercury retrogrades across the same degrees of both Saturn and Rahu (the point in sky that marks the eclipse point).  Since Rahu can complicate things, notice that the weekend of Nov 2 and 3rd had the potential to set some confusing signals in your life.  If you have access to the Conscious Calendar (, then you knew that Sat Nov 2 and Nov 3rd were both Red days, and that you did not want to push things, even if you were inclined to “just blurt something out”.

The impulsive nature of Rahu and the eclipses can pull us into thinking we need to express ourselves, when sometimes waiting is the best thing to do. 

Since Mercury retrograded past these inflection points of complications (Rahu) and too much restraint (Saturn), it will pass these places in Libra again.  This time around, you will be ready, and be able to see things more clearly this time around.  Three times is a charm after all.

Nov 18 & 19 Mercury might give you an interpretive dance

So get ready on Nov 18 and 19 as Mercury passes over that Rahu again.  Hold off on those impulses one more time, and if you are in any negotiations, then this may be a time of confusion or paranoia. 

Stay focused on the facts at hand – in any of your communications – and practice patience and holding your tongue one more time.

This is why stress management, pranayama, yoga, daily walks and exercise are so important.  If you have one or more of these integrated into your daily routine, then you will be able to recognize when the dragon within might be rising.  And as a result you can make wise choices, despite feeling a little confused inside.

What you know to be true has been revealing itself since at least October 18th, and now, as of Nov 18 & 19th another veil has been lifted.

Nov 25 & 26 Mercury brings you reason

Nov 25 & Nov 26 is when that Mercury passes the same degrees as Saturn in Libra.  The final full message and information that you have been needing will come to you in the cold hard facts.  Make sure you stay focused on logic and reality.  If you have been showing up and doing your work for the past three weeks, then you might be rewarded.

Savvy Shoppers do their homework

It is the savvy shopper who knows a good price when they see it – why?  Because the savvy shopper knows the going price for things, and then can recognize the deal when they see it.  Do you see the metaphor I am describing here?

This Mercury retrograde has been complicated, and it might have given you some ideas of fantasy.  If you have kept the dream in focus, and still planned out the steps to get to the dream, if you have still put one foot in front of the other and done your homework (like knowing the going price of things), then you will find the sweet deal and REALLY know the Truth of things by the end of November.

A message first reveals itself between Nov 4 and Nov 10th.  It becomes crystal clear on Nov 25 and 26, 2013.

Look and Listen

Do not take any crossed wires personally with this Mercury retrograde – and even on Nov 18,19 and Nov 25, 26, remember – the messenger planet is just doing his job.  Your task is to look and listen.  The message has been staring you in the face since the third week of October, but slowly revealing itself.

Wiki Leaks Hollywood Movie – Mercury retrograding over Rahu

It is interesting timing that the NSA surveillance of foreign leaders has surfaced during this Mercury retrograde (James Kelleher’s take) while crossing the shadow deal maker, Rahu in early November.

I think even more fitting is that a second version of the Wiki Leaks movie has just hit the box office at this time.  Ironically, even though the Hollywood version of a Wiki Leaks movie has flopped in the box office, it has refueled the discussion of Wiki Leaks and pointed more people to a better version of the story.  ‘We Steal Secrets’ is a documentary getting another look during this controversial Mercury retrograde.

FORBES suggests seeing the documentary instead of  ‘The Fifth Estate’ .  We Steal Secrets: The story of Wiki Leaks

From FORBES “Do Yourself A Favor: See Wikileaks Documentary ‘We Steal Secrets’ Instead Of Hollywood’s ‘The Fifth Estate’

‘We Steal Secrets’ The Story of Wiki Leaks is a documentary revealing one of the biggest security breaches in history.  I find it ironic that the documentary came out in July 2013 without much fanfare, but now with these new controversial elements being activated, the Hollywood flop will get more people to watch the $1 documentary version on iTunes or Amazon Prime.

Libra, an air sign, is where all the action has been lately

Libra is the constellation where Mercury has gone retrograde, where Saturn currently is exalted once every 30 years, and where the Sun has been eclipsed on Nov 3, 2013!

See all of this action in Libra?  If you have any planets in Libra in your personal horoscope, or in Aries, then you have been feeling the winds of change in your life.  (See Winds of Change blog post and newsletter from October 2013)


 The Forbes article can be found here:

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