Mars heats up political Brinkmanship Oct 5 – November 26, 2013

Mars in Leo begins October 5

Mars in a hotter, more passionate and activist place in Leo

Mars in Leo for almost two months

Mars is in a constellation for about two months at a time.

When Mars moves into an intense, Fire sign like Leo, it activates many people to get moving in their life.  On a personal level, we will see people taking steps to do things they love, contribute to causes which mean something to them, or to get cracking on work or home projects they have been meaning to do.

Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo can also be a bit impatient, and for some of us Mars in Leo can even get a little pushy.

Leo is the second fire sign in the zodiac, and as a result it is considered the hearth that burns brightly in the middle of the body and being.  So when Mars comes to Leo, it can act with heart (as opposed to just thinking about doing good things or planning to do good things).

Mars in Leo will also increase most people’s vitality.  So, if you have been feeling a little tired prior to October 5th, you might be feeling a spring in your step for the first time in months!

Mars sends glare to Libra

Mars also sends his activating energy to the constellation of Libra where the eclipses are going to stir things up this month.  When eclipses mix with Mar’s energy, then things will get feisty indeed.

Mar’s movement contributes to a feisty U.S. Congress

See how the United States Congress is acting?  Everyone seems to be feisty this October when it comes to causes they are passionate about.  Notice, that before October 5th, I was confidant in the U.S. ability to find Peaceful solutions to Syria.  When Mars moved into Leo and most importantly, sent his intensity to the house of Gross Domestic Profit (GDP) for the United States, I became a bit concerned about the looming debt ceiling package which needs to be ratified this month.

Notice the timing: Mars sends intensity to the house of the GDP for the U.S., the eclipses occur in the houses of the stock market and GDP for the U.S. AND we have Mercury Retrograde after the first eclipse starting on October 21, 2013!

These will be exciting times indeed! Lots of back room deals, and many of the public deals will be RE-negotiated after Mercury retrogrades.  So, I think a tentative deal might be reached before Friday October 18, 2013 and then it will be temporarily unraveled yet again while Mercury RE-negotiates for what it wants.

Note that exalted Saturn in Libra is going to win out in the end – and the Affordable Care Act which focuses on caring for even those who cannot afford health care will set a new precedent for the nation.  The new health care system is setting a tone for the nation for at least 30 years and possibly longer.

Eclipses in Libra and Aries will stir things up and give us opportunity for growth

Remember, October 18 and November 3, 2013 are the last eclipses of the year.  The eclipses occur in Libra and Aries.  This is the second of three sets of eclipses that occur in Libra and Aries, remember.

Jupiter and Mercury will protect

Luckily, as mentioned in the other blog posts, Jupiter and Mercury are helping keep volatile elements in Libra focused on what is important.  That does not mean that some people will not get pushy!  It is important to remember that YOU can use your intelligence to over ride selfish, pushy or impatient tendencies.   Keep this in mind Friday October 18 with the full Moon and the lunar eclipse.

Ready, Set, Go!

Leo, Aries, Scorpio and Sagittarius ascendants are about to get their mojo back.  The rest of us will also feel a spring in our step, find inspiration more easily and discover passion for a cause or project in our lives.  The heat will be on.

Mars in Leo

After October 5th, Mars in Leo happily steps into action.  This Mars gets things done, and does so with heart.  This Mars helps you follow intuition, follow your gut and follow your heart.

It is quite a month.  Keep reading to learn more about the Mercury retrogrades 2013 and 2014 and stay informed on what it means for you personally with the Mercury Report for 2013.

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