Market Correction on the Horizon?

Kathleen’s new book Correction

How Vedic astrology predicts the market instability of 2013

Market Correction in 2013

Market Correction in 2013


Has just been published on Amazon.





I am very excited to announce that my first book in this trilogy has just been published!  After the Forecast 2013 lectures in Dec 2012 and Jan 2013, it was clear that my excitement about this year needed to get out there.  This is a year of great innovation and invention.

Even though I made references to the market correction in the lectures and made clear connections to the astrological timing of the Panic of 1893, I wanted to focus on the economic expansion tied to our recovery, which begins after the market goes through its wild fluctuations.

One day the markets are at an all time high and the next day there is news in Cyprus that people’s bank accounts were going to be taken from them in this one time tax, some up to 15%, now news of even more.  Regardless of how logical it is to pay up front for fixing the Cyprus ills, instead of employing the austerity measures that Greece is enduring, the news has affected confidence in the ECB and that will eventually ripple through to world markets.

The stress is starting to show as early as March 26, 2013, even though the US news seems to paint the picture of US markets as teflon coated and a diamond amongst the rocky markets around the world.

The inevitable market correction is in the cards for the U.S. as I mentioned in my lectures back in Dec 2012.  The exact timing of the market correction in 2013 resides within the Vedic birth chart of the United States.  I was not surprised to see Cyprus at all.

It became intensely obvious that I needed to write about this important window in time.  How the European market instability is affecting U.S. markets and how that will help spur a significant market correction in the U.S.  I speak only for the U.S. markets because that is the chart I have studied.  The Vedic chart of the United States shows its karmic cycles for boom and bust, and 2013 is a significant year in the eventual recovery of this difficult time.

Not before we have a market correction.

So, in this compact book, I have made all the connections for you. How a previous time period with a major depression is connected with our current events.  It is all there, in this ebook for you.

Just wait for the book with even more juicy connections to the roots of the nations full recovery and when that will be – that is the second book in the series.  First, we need to understand this timing and keep it all in perspective.

Correction is meant to give you a deeper understanding of current events, so you can make sound decisions in the face of changing daily news.

The timing is all there.

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