Lou Reed a Yogi?

2 Lou Reed Lyrics that show he was a Yogi

News of Lou Reed’s death

has spread across the nation this Monday.  Lou Reed died on Oct 27, 2013.  As everyone remembers his talented lyrics, I want to highlight how he made people think.  Lou Reed made people think, and unhook from a set of beliefs through his lyrics.

He helped people think about their actions and the nature of life.  He might have had a dark view at times, but he also uncovered the raw, true nature of the world in shocking ways, which is a great way to ‘wake people up’. 

Lou Reed – American Icon

News of his death at age 71, six months after a liver transplant, is causing many to review how influential he was in their lives and to the art movements over decades.  Lou Reed uncovered the dark corners of the Mind, and uncovered the illusion that life appears to be.

For that reason, I pose that Lou Reed was a Yogi in his own way.


Does anybody need to be told over and over / Spitting in the wind comes back at you twice as hard.

-Lou Reed, “Strawman,” 1988



You know me I like to dance a lot / With different selves who cancel out / One another / I’m the only one left standing.

-Lou Reed, “Like A Possum,” 2000

There are a few other quotes which could be taken as revealing the nature of life.  No one said it quite like Lou Reed did.  I hope I have succeeded in helping you see him in a new way, as a potential Yogi.

He really was a Koan master of sorts.  If you just keep rolling his statements around in your mind, realizations just strike.  Or at least get you to laugh at yourself.

Runners up

Here are a few more lines, which could be seen as revealing the true nature of life or reveal the nature of Mind. 


Well they’re gonna tell you that everything is just dirt / You know that women never really faint / And that villains always blink their eyes / That children are the only ones who blush / And that life is just to die.

-The Velvet Underground, “Sweet Jane,” 1970


But you know people get all emotional / And sometimes man, they just don’t act rational / You know, they think they’re just on TV.

-Lou Reed, “Street Hassle, ” 1978

 Hopefully these lyrics of Lou Reed inspire you to live life to the fullest, connect with your purpose, and enjoy the loved ones in your life – since life is indeed, so short.

All lines were copied from the Huffington Post article.  I just wanted to add my little twist to interpreting Lou Reed’s lyrics in a new way. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/28/best-velvet-underground-lyrics_n_4169785.html?ref=topbar

I wrote this article as a tongue and cheek glance at how viewing things through a different lens can change everything.  If you really were to take the lyrics and think about them in a Yogic way, that life is a play; that we see life through an illusory lens, then we can see that Lou Reed really did reveal deeper truths to the nature of Mind.

Leonard Cohen is a Yogi too

Leonard Cohen is another musician who reveals the true nature of things through his lyrics.  Leonard Cohen is a life long meditator and has described being on the road as being similar to being a monk.  Leonard’s life long work as a poet transformed into being a musician later in life.

Life is a gift – we can transform at any time, in any moment.  The root of transformation is IN every moment, every breath. This is one of the teachings of Yoga.

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