Angkor Wat ancient city revealed – Vasthu at work?

LIDAR scans reveal the entire empire of Angkor Wat

Brought to you by Smithsonian, we can now see the entire ancient city of Angkor Wat.
It is much larger and more organized than ever thought before.

“LIDAR sends out a million laser points to create a digital outline of the land’s surface. Scientists are using these high-tech renderings to uncover the secrets of Angkor Wat and the original metropolis that once surrounded it.” Smithsonian

Ancient city of Angkor Wat

Ancient city of Angkor Wat

The ancient practice of Vasthu was used to plan temples, and entire civilizations to be in harmony with the geo-cosmic forces of the Earth.

What are Geo-Cosmic Forces? What is Vasthu?

The two main forces that affect all living things on Earth and relate to where and how we live are:
prana or life force which comes from the East with the rising sun each day, and
the geo-cosmic energy which runs generally North-South under our feet through the Earth.

These two forces set up a trajectory of energy which infuses every location on the planet, and affect the harmony, vitality and peace or dissonance, angst and disruption at every site.

Each city has its own energetic fingerprint.  For instance, a Vasthu expert I know, Mangal Joshi mentioned that the Vasthu of the Nepal land will foster deep spirituality and faith, but the nation will always be poor because the Himalyas are to the North – the direction of prosperity is blocked, and thus abundance by typical Western standards will be blocked.  But this is a sacred land which has preserved sacred information for many thousands of years.  They may not be rich according to Vasthu, but Nepal has other great resources which has made it the interest of the surrounding countries.  The land informs the history and energy of a place.

The ancient practice of Vasthu used this knowledge to set up sacred, flowing, safe, harmonious, prosperous, peace inducing temples and eventually cities and civilizations.  The city of Angkor Wat is but one example of Vasthu design.  Vasthu is sacred architecture which inspires vitality and harmony in those who live and visit these places.

Now, with Lidar we are able to see just how organized and enormous the civilization of Angkor Wat was and how Vasthu played a vital role in the establishment of such a vast metropolis.
What is even more mind blowing is to know that this huge city-state existed over 900 years ago.  It is time to change our history books in the West.

Video shares Angkor Wat History

This video shares a little more about the history, but is incorrect when it says that the temple is set up like a mandala – it is actually set up like a Yantra which is based in Sacred Geometry.  The temple and city center would have used sacred geometry and Vastu (which often used Yantra and sacred geometry as the blue print for sacred spaces).
And this video is also wrong in perpetrating that Hinduism was believed to only be in India – there has long been evidence and it is taught in many countries, in the UK for instance, that Hinduism has been found around the world, from Mohenjo-daro to Egypt to Minoan Greece.

Take this video with a grain of salt.   I just shared it because it has a few extra pieces of history added to it. Remember, this site was built in A.D. or what is called C.E. now.

The ancient cities of Mohen-daro on the other hand were built in 2,500 B.C.E. which is even more of a feat.

What do you think of these new discoveries?  Please share what you think with me.


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