Welcome the light ~ June Solstice Full Moon aligns with Galactic Center

~ Look to the Galactic Center and harness powerful light ~ Theme 3 for the Full Moon on Solstice

The full moon screams fullness since it coincides with the longest day of the year on June solstice, but the theme of this particular full moon connects with editing and pruning according to the Vedic myths and meaning of this Moon.

This full Moon is in Mula – translated from Sanskrit as ‘the root’.

spiral galaxy milky way

spiral galaxy milky way

The FULL MOON in June is aligned with the CENTER OF OUR GALAXY

Whoa – think about that, our solar system’s Sun will have the full moon between it and the center of our galaxy.

The first few degrees of Sagittarius where the Moon will be full is smack dab in line with our Sun and the center of the Galaxy.



It is like the centers of our solar system and galaxy are charging this full moon from both sides.

(The center of the galaxy is a super massive black hole, which is surrounded by young star factories throwing millions of degree winds that get flung into the galaxy suburbs. For instance, one spot near galactic center produces Xrays from SagittariusB1 that is surrounded by a halo of gas that is 5,000 times more massive than the Sun. from CXC Chandra x-ray Center).

That is some massive light bathing the Moon from both sides.

ful moon woman moon wisdom freedomLet the Light heal you

Let the light of the Sun shower healing upon you in the reflection of the Moon, knowing that the dark side of the moon is receiving rays from the center of the galaxy, as you stand aligned with the rising full Moon.

Have a harmonic convergence with friends and family, as you watch the Moon rise on Solstice.

The region of sky in early Sagittarius is called the root in Sanskrit, and planets or the Moon aligned here bring deep, intense spiritual lessons.

That is why this Solstice Full Moon is like the Yin Yang symbol – not only is this Solstice the turning point of summer or winter where you live, it is also a time to let go when we are filled with light and the fullness of hope.

Letting Go

Oddly enough, this will bring more peace than we can ever imagine, if when we are in the fullness of celebration, when we are with loved ones, or receiving a prize or accomplishing something – if we can relinquish any sense that “I” did this or that “I” have a beautiful family and friends, but in that moment wish for others and all of the world that everyone else experience such joy, accomplishment, and diminished pain.

We are reminded that joy and pain are both temporary too. The fleeting celebration at solstice makes it more able to be cherished since you know this brightness will not last.

Healthy Fruit by Wise Pruning

This particular Full Moon means we can have healthy fruit of our efforts from this June and great growth this year if we listen to our waking dreams at the beginning of the month – and if we prune, edit or purge something in our project or life around the full energy of the month.

Strength from Pruning

A bonsai is strong because of the pruning it receives. It concentrates its energy in the remaining branches.

It’s like you are an orchard; you can prune the weak branches in your life to shore up strength while fertilizing and fortifying the many parts of yourself with rest, fun, showering in the light and replenishment.

See why I needed three posts to share three THEMES with you?

Align with cosmic rhythms

Even if life seems to be moving fast right now – even just pausing and watching your breath at sunset somewhere between June 19 – 22 will help align you with your natural cosmic rhythms.

To drinking-in the light together this June.

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