June 20 Solstice Full Moon in Sagittarius

Here is the SECOND theme of Solstice highlight to help you use the energy of this season.

~ Full Moon in a place of Pruning ~
You already know that Solstice on June 20 this year coincides with a full moon, which is somewhat RARE.
Now, here are the flavors of the these two important days this month in this and the next blog post
June 20 & June 21.

A Fire for virtual offerings from Kathleen Whalen on Vimeo.

June 20, 2016 Full Moon in Sagittarius

The full moon and solstice both occur on this day. The full moon in Sagittarius receives both the sweetness of Venus and a lift from Jupiter – but this full moon is in a region of sky (called Mula) which is not about laying down roots, but instead ripping them out and creating change which propels a person on their spiritual path.

As a result, this is an intense Moon whose energy is one of weeding, letting go, change, pruning and uprooting – so even though all these other influences are trying to make it a mild Green Day, it is a day to edit things from your life, and purge and clear.

Notice how the New and Full Moon this month have inverted energies – a moon of fertility is new, but Saturn and Mars grind at our patience while the moon builds to full in a place of clearing.  

This is all the more Yin Yang like, since the longest light of the year with a full moon is in a place of clearing and editing to catapult us on our spiritual path.


1. Try a Vegetable Juice cleanse to align with the clearing your system or pruning energy unique to this full moon. You could also add slower movements in your yoga (like the Moon Salutation I posted below), gentler workouts or just stopping while working in the yard and relaxing in the grass or in the shade.

2. A Whole New You
Use the virtual fire above for an easy ritual:
Write down ONE thing that you want to let go, release or be “done” with; or ONE obstacle which seems to be in your way to complete a project and then burn that piece of paper in a fire, or in a small crucible of metal or candle holder, sometime from June 19 – 22.

Make sure the fire is contained, as you release your attachment to the issue and see the obstacles, known and unknown dissolving.  Or use the fire above to throw what you are letting go into the fire. This way we are all joined together in acts of letting go.  No need to wait – just mentally throw what you want to release into this fire and say it out loud. Have some fun releasing!

See and feel that issue being finished, but most importantly feel the release and freedom. The feeling is the most important part of these kind of rituals, it is the special ingredient to embodying this new place, this new you, this now.

How does it feel or would it feel to be free of this one thing? Allow the feeling to wash over you and go about your day, you will probably feel lighter and move a little easier.

When we add drops of quiet or slowness in the FULLEST week of the year, we compound the effect of building qi and prana and cultivate restoration that ripple deep within us.

Photo of the night sky featuring a Moon Corona or Halo on a winter's night.

Photo of the night sky featuring a Moon Corona or Halo on a winter’s night.

Sharing a Moonbow with a June full moon to help you celebrate the light.

June 20th is almost a mild Green Day in the Conscious Calendars system, but the theme of the full moon is not about planting seeds, it is about clearing that develops spiritual strength.  Read more below.  

June 20 at 11:02 UTC The Moon is Full in Sagittarius and  on June 20 at 22:35 UTC it is also Summer Solstice.

The longest day of the Year in the northern hemisphere = celebration, community gathering and a time of letting the energy flow through you.

(It is also the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere).

When we add drops of quiet or slowness in the FULLEST week of the year, we compound the effect of building qi and prana and cultivate restoration that ripple deep within us.

This week is a perfect time to add drops of nectar to your life with a MOON SALUTATION during this warm, solar time and full moon.

Eclipses in Aquarius and LeoFriday June 17 – temporary shift reducing anger, intensity, random cuts, hitting heads & accidents

If you have been noticing the longer days and feeling the building energy, but also wonder why you are tired or feeling mashed – you have retrograding Mars and Saturn in the same sign to thank for that.

Mars and Saturn have both been retrograding in Scorpio (Mars has been retro since April 17, 2016). As a result, many of us have witnessed in our personal lives an intensity, anger or irritation rising to the surface more easily, accidental cuts or hitting of the head, car accidents, friends going through extremely difficult times, emergency surgeries and mass violence perpetrated not in war zones.

Thankfully, by Friday night June 17 2016, Mars will have just retrograded back into Libra, which will bring a temporary reprieve from some of the intensity we all have witnessed where we have been asked to heal individually and collectively how fear changes us, and how we can learn to love and find common ground in the midst of grief and shock.

Mars in Libra will soon enough have us all yearning and possibly yelling “Why can’t we all get along?” The planet of passion in a constellation of harmony goes about bringing family and community peace in a fiery kind of way.

So, continue to watch how your inner desires for peace and harmony express themselves – it is great to advocate for harmony – the operative word here is advocate, not demand. 

The Copa America soccer competition and the Olympic games are perfect examples of how competition is a way to create a sense of world community as nations unite to celebrate individuals and teams being their best in sports.

Still Celebrate the Light on June 20 & 21 – but now you will understand the Yin-Yang and the seeds of release hidden within what is also a full time.

Life might feel like a symphony warming-up sounds.  Bask in the cacophony, since the sounds of children laughing and playing and the hub bub of summer will soon fade, and the season of quiet will be upon us.
The seasons help us each understand the ebb and flow of life and assist in learning letting go while there might be a bitter sweetness to the happy times, since we know both pain, suffering and joy will not last.
What a gift this life is!


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