Happy Vedic New Year

New Moon in Pisces, New Year

The New Moon on Wednesday April 10, heralds the beginning of the Vedic New Year.  Every year the New Moon in Pisces marks the beginning of a new calendar year (in this era).

A Year of Triumph

Vedic New Year, New Moon

New Moon


The Vedic annual calendar is a 60 year cycle, and each year has a name which describes the energy of the year.  This year is called Vijaya Samvatsara in Sanskrit.  Vijaya means Victory.  This can mean:  even though there will be challenges and intense changes this year, the year can end triumphantly.  We have the opportunity to overcome this year’s difficulties through perseverance.


Spring Lunar Calendar

Remember, this is a spring to spring calendar, and so the calendar does not match a typical “year” and New Year cycle.   Since the calendar year begins with the New Moon, it is a quiet transition.  There is little light at New Moons, so this is not a fireworks kind of energy.  The light of the reflected Sun builds from almost nothing for two weeks from New Moon to Full Moon, and the annual calendar builds from a quiet time through the next winter, to begin at a powerful time to move into action.  This follows the natural rhythms of life – new life through survival to new life.

A Time of Action

Spring is such a strong time, with more energy in the liver channel and liver.  Spring is a great time to cleanse according to both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.  That is why many undertake cleanses or pancha karma at this time, according to Ayurveda.

This is also a great time to plan and go into action, too.  January is not really a natural time to be in action;  it is still a time of contemplation according to natural rhythm.  (The Chinese calendar traditionally starts with a New Moon as well, but was anciently based on when Jupiter moved constellations.)

It's a new day, happy springSun in Aries

Also note, that this year, Sunday April 14, 2013, the Sun appears to move into the constellation of Aries.  This is a time of year when the Sun also becomes what is called exalted.  An exalted Sun can bring out leadership qualities, vision, passion and drive – what I call ‘executive ability’.  Those born from mid April – mid May may be born with exalted Sun, and the Sun in Aries.

Spring is the time of new life and new growth after all.  Doesn’t that seem like a natural time to celebrate, after making it through winter to revel in the new life that springs all around us?  It is such an exciting time right now, new growth, new opportunities abound.  And this year, the year of Vijaya will not be a year without challenges, but will also be a year to overcome and transform.  So, get ready, make your plans and nourish yourself well.  Create teams of supportive, loving and capable friends and employees and you will triumph this year indeed.  Perseverance is the word of the year.

Born in Vijaya year

Those of you born spring 1953 – 54 (and 1893 -94) were born in Vijaya years.  I have noticed many who are born in that 1953 – 54 time, have a particular knack for being organized, steady and persistent.  (Granted everyone born during that year will not necessarily be able to use that organized, meticulous and detailed qualitity of exalted Saturn to their advantage.)  But as a good friend said, when I was describing those really organized friends born in that year, “They can run a small city in their sleep.”

We all have the opportunity to grow a thicker skin this year, while digging deep and simplifying our lives.  Where can you use less, become more efficient and develop discipline?  Pick ONE thing to do each day, and commit to it.  This will build your energy and your self confidence.  Vijaya refers to the year itself, but also to those born in this year.

Will the economy be going UP in 2013?

Will the economy be going UP in 2013?

New Moon in Pisces can give pulse of the year for nations

Vijaya is the name of the year around the world beginning with that new Moon in Pisces, but clearly every country will have a different kind of year.  Certain conditions exist for an entire year, like Saturn being exalted this year.  Every 30 years approximately, Saturn returns to Libra.  Notice, the 60 year cycle brings Vijaya years with an exalted Saturn.  This is part of that nature of “Victory” for this year.

The New Moon in Pisces, according to the Indian calendar, can be used to mark the essence and tone of the following year for any given nation.  In mundane astrology, the pulse of a nation can be seen from a chart made in the capital city of a nation, exactly when the New Moon arrives in Pisces.  Vedic astrologers then judge the auspices of the year for that nation.  Granted this is not the only data used when envisioning how a year might look for a given nation.  The study of Mundane astrology in Vedic astrology is a complex one, and teams of astrologers are traditionally used (to vet each other and test hypotheses).

Forecast 2013 class

That is why I created the Forecast 2013 class back in December 2012.  This year is an exciting one for the United States.  I have used  the birth chart of the United States and its planetary cycles to discuss the timing of karmic patterns for the nation.

Life is the dance of fate and free will.  So, even though a cycle’s timing might be predestined (the planetary cycles in Vedic astrology are a 120 year cycle, which repeats  like clock work), there is always free will in the moment.

That is what makes Vedic astrology so exciting, we can better understand and have a greater perspective of the cycles in the US Nation’s life or our individual life, while actually allowing us the opportunity to make conscious decisions.  We can choose in the present moment.  The more aware we are of the many forces at play on our mind and being in any moment, the more we can filter out “what is real and what is illusion”.  Then decisions can be made from a neutral place.  That is one of the goals of Vedic astrology – to assist each of us to attain equanimity and an even mind.

So, if I mention that there will be flurry of activity, this is meant to prepare us for that time period, so that we can remain calm, and say, “Oh here is the flurry”.  It is meant to help us find calm, not egg on the drama.

Funny thing, this can lead to Inner Peace

For instance, if we know there is a snow storm coming, we do not go and put on a bikini.   That might sound overly simplistic, but in reality, Vedic astrology is meant to provide us with the tools to remain present and neutral to our world, no matter what occurs.  This is why discipline and understanding the nature of our mind (the practice of Yoga) is as important as understanding what our purpose is.

Celebration or Hardship

We can delight in being celebrated, say at a birthday party or receiving an award, and not allow our ego to get entwined in it, while still enjoying the moment.  Likewise, we can watch turmoil unfold and not have our mind be distracted.  This is why Vedic astrology is a tool for self exploration and spiritual development.

All of the other forces of life – “Will I find love?  What is my purpose?  Will I get the raise?  Will my children be healthy and happy?  What is the meaning of life for me?” play themselves out as a way for us to see the macrocosm (movements of the Universe) reflected in our microcosm (our individual experience CAN be flavored by the play of the planets on our consciousness) while our individual perspective determines what we perceive of the world. That idea is the basis of neuroscience, quantum physics and most Spiritual traditions around the world.

Before I go into the chart of the United States on this new Moon in Pisces in Washington, D.C., I would like to give you some highlights of the month of April first.  So, return here to read about the chart of Vijaya for the United States later.   Most importantly, the birth chart of the United States has a greater impact on the auspices of the year.

Market Correction in 2013

Market Correction in 2013


That is why I wrote the book “Correction: How Vedic astrology predicts the market instability of 2013”.

I mostly wrote this book because I downplayed the market correction for the U S markets in my lecture for the Year of the Entrepreneur.  When the issues in Cyprus started to hit, I realized I needed to separate out these important 3 – 6 months in 2013 for the United States economy.  This will help explain why I am so excited for the Year of the Entrepreneur to begin, and how the U.S. is going to explode with ideas, inventions and the good ole’ yankee know how soon.



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