Happy MoonDay


Monday is associated with the Moon

Each Day of the week is connected with a planet

Did you know that Monday is the Moon’s day in most of the languages around the world?

Each day of the week is associated with a planet in many languages around the world.

It is easy to remember, if you use the French names of the week.

Monday = Lundi = Moon

Lunar or Moon makes Monday the day of the Moon.

Tuesday = Mardi = Mars

Mar’s day makes Tuesday the day connected with the planet Mars.

Wednesday = Mercredi = Mercury

Mercury’s day makes Wednesday the day of commerce, and mercantile. 

Thursday = Jeudi = Jupiter

Jupiter’s day makes Thursday the day of teaching and the planet of wisdom, also connected with the god of Zeus in the Greek traditions.

Friday = Vendredi

Venus’ day makes Friday the day of the Goddess.  Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance and she is associated with Friday as well.

Saturday = Samedi = Saturn

Saturn’s day can be associated with obstacles that need to be overcome, which makes us stronger in the long run, or makes us better.  In India, this is the only day off of the work week really.

Sunday = Dimanche = Sun

Sun’s day begins the whole cycle again, since our entire solar system is composed of the planets orbiting the Sun after all.

Saturday night = Rahu

Rahu is named as one half of the eclipses.  It is the North Node and is associated with the turmoil and forces of illusion.  Thus Saturday night, when people sometimes do things they would not normally do is the time of Rahu.  Some people are pulled to act in ways they would not on other days of the week.  Think about it.

Tuesday and Sunday = Ketu

Ketu is named as the other half of the eclipses.  It is the South Node.  In Vedic astrology, Ketu acts like Mars does, sometimes quick to temper or can be bring heating elements to a person’s health much like the actual Sun does.

Thus, Ketu is connected with both the Sun and Mars.

Seven days of the week

The seven days of the week names are similar in the romance languages, in Russian (which is connected with Sanskrit actually) and in Sanskrit.  Notice how many cultures around the world associated Tuesday with the planet Mars or the god of War.  The Chinese culture also associates Mars with Tuesday. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuesday

In Japanese, Tuesday is associated with the meaning of Fire day.

Learn more about how to act in resonance with each day by wearing the color of each day too.  Look for the link to the next article on the colors of each of the planets. 

When you act in resonance with your surroundings, suffering is decreased and life is easier.

 Living in harmony is easy. 



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