Happy Lunar New Year 2014!

Also Known as:

Chinese New Year 2014

The Chinese Lunar New Year begins on Friday January 31, 2014 this year.

Chinese New Year always begins on a New Moon.

CNN calls Chinese New Year in China – the Greatest human migration.


11 things to know about Lunar New Year

A majority of Chinese travel home to be with family in time to celebrate the Lunar New Year together.  It is like Christmas is celebrated in Western cultures.  Everything shuts down on New Year in order to be with family and start the New Moon Year with a fresh start.

Welcome to the Year of the Horse

The Year of the Horse is a particularly auspicious year in the Chinese zodiac.  Even though, more births often occur in Year of the Rat, many young couples try to have children in Year of the Horse.

The Horse in Taoist and martial art circles is called a “Land Dragon” describing the Horse’s flexible nature and a knack for martial arts and sports like mastery as well.  The qualities of horse are what you might imagine when you conjure the image of a big, strong 16 hand horse in North America.

The Horse exemplifies:

Hard work, stamina, work ethic, dependability, playful, inspire hope in others, expansive, social and likeable, and have ability for big vision or long term view (since they are taller than most of us humans), this can also correlate to an intuition or sixth sense about trends.  Thus many born in the Year of the Horse have an innate ability to sense trends; be it fashion, political, economic or business trends.  Horses are also known for their loyalty in friendship and gregariousness.

Those born in Year of the Horse are said to get along well with the Tiger and the Dog.  The Tiger keeps things exciting with their challenging ways and often a good report connected with martial arts or sports or debate; and the dog is ever enamored and loyal to the Horse.  Dogs and horses often have life long friendships which can endure the test of time.  It is a magical working relationship as each invigorates the other with ideas, talkativeness and mutual respect.

It is said that a Horse partnered with a Horse is not the best compatibility, but there can be a very good working relationship between Horses.  So, if a couple works together, then this might bring more possibility.

It is important to know that the Animal Year in the Chinese zodiac actually refers to the constellation  where Jupiter is at the time of your birth.

So, the actual “animal year” according to Chinese New year, may or may not, correlate with where Jupiter was when you were born.

That will be explained over the next few blog posts.

For instance, on Chinese New Year on January 31, 2014;  Jupiter is still in Gemini.  That correlates with Year of the Snake.  There is not a direct correlation with the Lunar New Year and where Jupiter resides every year, any more.  The Chinese New Year Animal and where Jupiter resides overlaps by about 6 months now, rather than an entire year.

Year of the Horse will be a Big year in social movements

This officially is Year of the Horse according the Chinese Zodiac.  As a Vedic astrologer, I still am saying that BIG things will come from this year – great movements;  movements of invention, movements of science and communication, new political and social movements even.  But these movements are related to all the planetary positions.

For instance, Mercury will be retrograding in Aquarius in February 2014.  All the planetary conditions, Jupiter in Gemini from June of 2013 to June of 2014, Rahu and Saturn in Libra, and Mercury retrograding in Air signs at the beginning of 2014 all point to these major changes that will appear to be connected with the typically large, and uprooting energy of The Year of the Horse.

World Changing Year

Horses may be reliable, but they also enjoy creating new combinations of ideas.  2014 will surely be a world changing experience when it comes to commerce, currency, education, communications and ‘The internet of Things’.

Year of the Horse will be a year to remember, but it is related to all of the planets and what patterns are in play this entire year.  Get ready for a wild ride.  The Year of the Horse actually begins in June of 2014!

Rats in the Year of the Horse

It is said that everyone acts more Horse like, in Year of the Horse.  Even those born in Year of the Rat, who have opposite qualities to that of the Horse, act a little more “Horse like”.

Those born in Year of the Rat, are often quieter, with qualities opposite that of the Horse, even though the Rat enjoys company as much as the Horse.  The Rat just does not need to be the center of attention.

It is not just one day

Lunar New Year is not just a one day celebration.  It is celebrated for an entire month.  I explain more below. On Lunar New Year, you are already half way through the celebration!

Things to do during the Month long celebration of Lunar New Year

Debts are paid, grievances forgiven, celebrations and firecrackers abound.  The noise at Chinese New Year is to scare away the negative influences – which are different according to which animal year is being celebrated.

The celebration typically begins two weeks before the New Moon of Chinese New Year, and is celebrated for another two weeks beyond January 31, 2014, this year.  The celebrations actually finish mid February this year on Valentine’s Day; with the Full Moon.

Celebration is based on the Moon Calendar – from Full to New to Full Moon

The Full Moon on January 16th begins the celebration.  Cleaning and clearing up to the New Moon are an important part to be ready for the new energy of the year.

The celebration is a month long really – starting at the Full Moon in January, culminating in the New Moon with a fresh new start to the year with private parties at home with family and friends.  The completion of the celebration within community and business relationships is on the Full Moon in February in 2014.

Clear out the Old

Cleaning is typically a big part of preparation for Chinese New Year.

So, sweep out what is old and no longer working for you.  Choose a new pair of shoes and clothes to wear as you step out into the world this Chinese New Year.

Forgive past grievances, and make good on your financial debts.  This is all part of making the best of the New Year.

If we all did this every year, we all would be lighter in our hearts and minds.

So, what are you letting go of as the Moon wanes from Full to the quiet day just before the New Moon?

The Year of the Horse

The Year of the Horse is correlated with Jupiter being in the constellation of Cancer.

This is also an important year for Buddhists and Hindus alike.   The Year of the Horse is considered an auspicious time to go on holy pilgrimage.  Pilgrimage to Mt. Kailas (called Kang Rinpoche by Tibetans) in Year of the Horse is considered one of the most auspicious times to visit the holy mountain.  It is said that completing korra (circambulation in Tibetan) or one time around Mt. Kailas during the Year of the Horse counts as 13 times the good merit or positive karma.

Mt. Kailas is considered a holy mountain for four world religions.

As you can see, the Year of the Horse, or Jupiter in Cancer is considered a very auspicious year by the Chinese or Taoist solar-lunar calendar, Buddhists and Hindus alike.

Some details about the solar-lunar calendar and Chinese New Year

Red day before New Moon

The RED day on my Conscious Calendar fell the day before Chinese New Year, because the RED day lands the day before the New Moon 90% of the time.  The RED day for January is January 30, 2014.

The New Moon begins in North America on the afternoon of January 30th, but it is the Sunrise on the first day with the New Moon which defines the Chinese New Year!

Nurture your Dreams

And then, what are you calling into your life with the fresh new start this spring?  Let the Earth support your new projects like seeds well planted, watered and loved.

Grow your Health

May your dreams blossom, and health be with you in every breath, is my wish for you this New Year.

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