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Today’s Special Full Moon

Pieter Weltevrede

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Today’s full Moon is celebrated in India as Guru Poornima.  This is a special Full Moon.  This Moon is bright since it occurs during the greatest light of the year.  Summer Solstice – the most daylight of the year – just occurred in mid June.  This Full Moon is a time to celebrate all of our teachers, mentors, elders and guides in our life.


Guru is translated as GU darkness RU Light, or dispeller of darkness.  When the light shines on our understanding, we see more clearly; that is what gurus do in our lives.


The Guru is a principle or concept that resides within each of us.  Most of us have had teachers and guides who have lit the way for us – and this time of year is to celebrate all of the Light we have in our lives.  The intellectual light, Spiritual light and the love and support we have received through the years.  Some people have gurus in their life.  Meeting a guru is experiencing the principles of Light and enlightenment in a person before you.

Guru Chakra

There is a Guru chakra just below the 7th chakra or Sahasrahnama chakra – residing in the center and just below the top of the head.  Margo Ashley-Farrand through Thomas Ashley-Farrand points out that the guru chakra functions together with the 7th chakra to “send energy down the spine until, in one lifetime or another, it reaches the base of the spine, and we become seekers.” ( www.sanskritmantra.com July newsletter)

Jupiter as teacher

The planet Jupiter is also called Guru since he is the embodiment of teacher and wisdom.  When we recite the simple Jupiter mantra, preferably on Thursdays we invoke the light of wisdom in our lives.



July’s Conscious Calendar www.ConsciousCalendars.com shows you that there are only a few Green days this month.  If you would like to know more about what a Green day is, join the list and learn more through the training videos.

Today is an almost full Green day.  It is a powerful time this week for moving our greatest efforts forward with gusto, Light, clarity and a little help from our friends and mentors.  So, reach out, thank your teachers and celebrate all this Light that you have in your life.

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