The US Economy and the planet Mars

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The US Economy and the planet Mars

Today Mars moved into a significant place in the skies and the effects portended in June of 2011 are coming to light starting today.

This is exciting!  I have started a podcast Radio show to share my favorite topics with you.  Each show is approximately 30 minutes, so I am moving fast.

Today’s topic is based on the birth chart of the United States and the Vedic view of how planetary cycles are lighting up this difficult time in the economy right now.  Mars is a power planet for the US.  And it has gone into a challenging time starting today September 9, 2011 for a short period. 

Eclipses and the Real Estate market

The last set of eclipses in June 2011 ON the natal Mars of the US birth chart set the timing that the real estate market, the stock market, foreign investments in the nation and education would all continue to be challenged for 6 more months through Dec 2011.

This is all activated when Mars moves into its place of challenge – the Water sign of Cancer (sidereal maps).  So for 1.5 months – right now – we will see a continuation of difficult karmic effects in the real estate market for the nation.  Notice the signs that say “bank owned” in front of homes lately?  Well, we knew at some point that the increase in foreclosures and people handing houses back to the banks would add more homes to the already challenged real estate market. 

Double Dip

Mars has moved into the house of debt and banking for the US nation, and we will see that this will create even more of a glut on the market while Mars is in the sign of Cancer.

This means that the double dip is happening and it is happening now, September 9th, 2011 for a short period of time. 

Listen to when the double dip will end.  There are some rays of light around the corner.

The stock market and real estate market will revive and find significant more fire in Fall of 2011. So, real estate agents can find an edge by going against typical trends and look to this Fall as a more active time for real estate and land, compared with this September and October time.


I read this article after finishing my podcast  –> US Bonds and Bernanke  

“Bernanke has previously said that possible steps include buying more government bonds and lengthening the duration of securities in its $1.65 trillion Treasury portfolio. Michael Gapen, senior U.S. economist at Barclays Capital and a former Fed economist, said policy makers at their Sept. 20-21 will probably decide to extend the average maturity of the Fed’s bond holdings.”  Bloomberg at

In my podcast I mention a change in the long term profitability in bond investing beginning in mid Nov 2011 and how that would start to stabilize the nation, but will not fully activate until June of 2012.  (This means the decision might be made in September, more likely November 2011, but the maturation lengthening of bonds might officiallly begin in June of 2012. Let’s see. ) 

There is a strong possibility, according to the US chart and Saturn moving into the house of gains (11th house), that the slow planet will slow the rate of gains for the nation (GDP), but will still bring a steady regulation of funds for the nation long term (read that slow growth, but stabilizing of the economy).  Notice, the policy makers September Fed Reserve meeting will likely “extend the average maturity of the Fed’s bond holdings.”

Enjoy the show, I covered a huge topic in a short period of time.  The entire process of describing the planetary cycles of the US, what this affects and how our economy unfolds through 2015, takes at least 1.5 hours.  The half hour show is only an introduction to some of these ideas.

Era of Invention

We are in the era of invention! We have not been in this stage of great patent technology and invention since the late 1800’s.  Many of the current inventions have not yet seen the light of day (or will be withheld by Google and Microsoft for competitive reasons).  The era of inventions will be integrated into the country’s infrastructure with the next planetary cycle of the US. 

Radio Show with Vedic Astrology

The podcasts share information on a variety of topics including:  Power Gems or how to use high quality gems in Vedic Astrology for remedies, Sacred geometry, the US economy when it is significant, eclipses, yantra, mantras, Ayurveda (interviews with Ayurvedic practitioners).

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