Another name for Indian Astrology is Vedic Astrology. 

The Science of Light

Vedic astrology is known in Sanskrit as Jyotisha, which is often translated as the Science of Light. 

Light is shed onto your consciousness and your Life when you see a Vedic astrology guide.  

Vedic astrology as the science of Light illuminates your Path and allows you to see your Life with a whole new view.  It is like a satellite view of your current location.  You can start at the smallest focus and only see what surrounds you.  As you pan out, like Google maps does of your location, you can see a greater and greater span of your current location.  Until you continue out and can see not just your life in the context of your city, relationship and job but include how your life fits in the community and on the planet and more importantly how you fit in this exact time and moment in history.  This ability to see your Life in the context of both time and space empowers you to understand and let go of your current circumstances.  When you have this new view you can both let go of expectations, release yourself from mental pain and suffering and find delight in your unique gifts and talents.

Your consciousness, mental tendencies, karmas and habits can all be seen from your birth chart.  Your true guidance comes from understanding your current circumstances with New light and seeing new solutions to your problems and new possibilities to your current situation.

Vedic Astrology or the Science of Light comes from the Vedas.  The Vedas are ancient knowledge and texts (first orally maintained for thousands of years prior to written texts) that originate in India.  This knowledge from the Vedas  includes topics on Yoga, Harmonious Living, The healing system of India called Ayurveda, Vastu (harmoniously building temples, castles, homes and cities according to the elements and right timing).

Vedic Astrology generates a Life Code, a Blueprint of your life and Consciousness.

Your Life Code and Blue print is created the moment that you are born.

From this Map, your mental tendencies, your habits, your talents, your Life Purpsoe and profession or how you individually contribute your talents to the World are all seen.  Light is shed onto your Life with the Vedic Astrology View. 

Specific timing in your life is constantly interacting with what lights up in your mind, with what you are attracted to in your Life. This is the dance of Life – your Free will in the moment interacting with your current circumstances.  When you choose to take a job, your answer is based on who has asked you to work for them.  Your choices are made within the confines of your circumstances. When you are hungry for lunch, what you eat is based on choices within your reach.  If you do not have a private jet, then you cannot fly to Paris from the US for lunch.   Your lunch is more likely to be something from home, going out with a friend or picking something up at a local shop for their lunch.  Your choices are related to the environment in which you find yourself.

Now, your tendencies to make a choice a certain way can be seen within the chart of your consciousness.  Vedic astrology can tell whether some one is a brown bag lunch person, skip a lunch or eating at Starbuck’s kind of person.  This is not literal, but a pattern of mental and thus behavioral tendencies.
Vedic astrology can describe the environment that might find your self in at this very moment or one year from now. Most importantly, Vedic astrology can describe how you are experiencing that environment – be it work envirnment, love relationship, familial relationship or your relationship with money. 

You are making your choices out of Free will within the environment of the nature of your mind, your mental patterns and your circumstances.  If you are a sugar lover, it will be more difficult to say no to a plate of sweets brought to your desk and you are capable of taking that plate of sweets and placing it on a table for sharing at the office or eating them singly each day or dumping them in the trash.  Even if you have the tendency to enjoy sweets, you have a choice of whether to eat them.  With the window into your karmas, you can both understand your choices and begin making different choices that in your Highest Good.

When you understand the terrain ahead, it is easier to calmly navigate.  Better yet, by knowing the terrain of your own mind, you can understand the depths of the Universe.

The Vedic Code is your guide for successful living.

The Vedic Code is described in the Vedas as an expression of Harmony within the greater cycles of time (or yugas), our place in this solar system, the place or land in which we live (Vaastu), our collective experience (the city in which we live) and our individual experience as expressed now in the dance of Life and our karmas and consciousness.

Vedic Astrology Backgrounder

Vedic astrology is a branch of knowledge from the Vedas (ancient Indian Sanskrit texts), a system that is a minimum of 5,000 years old. Jyotisha, or ‘the Eye of the Vedas’ is the Sanskrit term for Vedic astrology. The ancient Rishis, or Seers observed the movement of the planets against the backdrop of fixed stars, and had a constant internal sense of where the planets were at all times, day or night. This awareness was simply an extension of their harmony with each moment, each season, and with our position in the Galaxy and Universe.

So, our awareness of local Astronomy increases our awareness and harmony within the seasons of our life and creates greater harmony within our personal lives.

Vedic Astrology Sessions

A Vedic session brings this awareness of your natural cycles to your life and guides you to express your natural state.

I advise individuals and businesses using Vedic astrology systems. Sessions begin at 90 minutes or can be purchased in packages for optimal support. See the Sessions section for more information.

Pragmatic Advice for Your Modern World

As a previously practicing acupuncturist, I give specific, pragmatic advice, tailored to each person’s situation. The power of Vedic astrology is that it illuminates our consciousness and karmas, giving piercing insights to the cycles within an individual’s or a business’ life. There are cycles of action, purpose, acquisition, sharing and rest. According to your situation within each cycle, there are specific actions considered harmonious to your current karmas and thus can help diminish suffering. It is up to you. Vedic astrology shines light onto your many choices.

Your unique expression is a gift to the world.

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