Annual crossing of Venus and Sun

March 25 – March 30, 2013

It's a new day, happy spring

The annual crossing of Venus and the Sun is occurring in Pisces right now. From March 25 – 30, the two will be in direct alignment from our point of view. On the one hand, especially on Wednesday March 27th there can be an intense flood of creativity this week, huge ideas, inspiration or a desire to connect with beauty or even to buy art (see the post about buying art versus gold this week on CNBC).

On the other hand, what is desired from the connection with beauty, love, art, the result we seek from feeling connected may end up feeling inaccessible.  The ability to ‘feel’ like we can connect my be burned away in these 5 days.

Venus is what we call combust the Sun for an intense 5 days.  This will naturally bring up a ‘lack of fire and passion’ for something in your life, or a wondering where the love is? This might lead to a desire to find the sweet or ‘connection’ in things. If the connection is not found, then a tendency to over indulge in sweets (just in time with those chocolate bunnies and jellie beans around) to try and find ‘the sweetness’ in life might happen.

For best results this week, focus on the place between breaths. If you can change your expectation, and not see a lack in this tiny window of time, then you can allow the ordinary to fill your day with wonder. Notice the ordinary, look no further than the bugs and blooms and Sun of spring.  Enjoy the simplicity for now – things are about to heat up big time!  Have you seen what is going on in the markets?  Just wait, we are about to experience some wild times and this week of big ideas and spring blooms will seem like innocent days from childhood.

The occultation of Venus traveling across the Sun only occurred 1874, 2012 and 2117.  This is when Venus travels in its orbit between the Sun and Earth in direct alignment with the Earth.  It is like a mini-eclipse, but Venus is a beautiful dot traveling across the Sun when occultation occurs. (Note: Observation of this must be done with proper equipment, or at an observatory, since you never want to look at the Sun!)  Your great, great, great grand children will get a chance in 2117.

Thank you to my friends who witnessed the Transit of Venus in Hawaii in 2012 and literally sent me the T-shirt from their visit of seeing the Transit of Venus!  Thank you Pam Kelley and Barbara Schaefer and Stephanie Marie Beeby for sharing the experience with me.

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