Total Solar Eclipse Today & Happy Season of Lights

Happy Seasonof LightsHappy Season of Lights

Today is a special day.  It is a Red day, a Solar Eclipse and the celebration of the Season of Light across much of Asia.  To some, today is called Diwali – or Deepavali (row of lights).
This is the celebration of Inner Light on a day when the outer light appears to be low (the obstruction of the Sun is kind of low light, eh?).


The eclipses really offer US an opportunity to change patterns very quickly and easily.  If you can ‘not anger’, or see things in a new way or act differently than you usually do on Eclipse days, then you are making exponential bounds on your Spiritual Path.

Today, Tuesday Nov 13, 2012 is a lovely time to have a cozy dinner in with family or celebrate solitude.  Many across Asia today, light candles, ghee lamps and celebrate the Inner Light of Consciousness.  We can clear inner obstacles by focusing on the Inner Light of each of our Souls.  This is an even brighter light than the Sun!

  • Try lighting some candles today or tonight and meditate in silence and in celebration of what blessings you have in your life.  Be specific about what you are grateful for in the last 24 hours, not just ‘good health’, but for example, that you could hop over that puddle in the street today, that you can play with your children last night.
  •  See what issues you can let go of (will this current irritation or problem bother you in a hundred years?)
  • See what joy can bubble to the surface as you name 3 specific things you are grateful for in the last 24 hours – be specific.  This is one of the exercises that I mentioned in the cultivating Happiness blog post. You really can cultivate a more happy and resilient life.

Today, focus on the sweet silence and the unending Self. This is brighter than the Sun!

This can really help put some perspective on a current issue by reflecting on whether this issue will be here next year, in 20 years or 100 years. The issues that will be gone or changed soon enough.

Scroll down to See the other good news – an 18 month set of life lessons could be ending for you – depending on how you meet circumstances this month, especially today Nov 13 and Nov 28th.

Let Your Inner Light Shine

November Eclipses of 2012

Tuesday Nov 13, 2012            Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon)  (in the U.S.)

The new Moon and eclipse occurs in the constellation of Libra.  
So, if you have planets in Libra, are running the planetary cycle of Rahu or Ketu or are a Mercury or Venus ascendant ( this info is for students of Vedic astrology), then you may feel the effects of this eclipse in one area of your life a bit more.  Thankfully, this is a third eclipse of 3 sets and we are finishing this set of lessons. (and Scorpio will be affected too, since Mercury is Retrograding with Rahu and Ketu in Scorpio and Taurus.)
Solar eclipses affect the areas on the planet more where the shadow of the eclipse lands on Earth and the environment and regions of people experience group karmas which is different than our individual karmas and how our birth charts/minds are activated.

The eclipse begins at 12:35 pm PT (20:35 UT or 3:35 ET)
And finishes its shadow at 3:48pm PT (23:48 UT or 6:48 ET).
Remember, the eclipse is shadowing the planet in Australia, New Zealand , Southern South America and part of Antarctica.  So, these areas will be more affected karmically and energetically than those of us not in the eclipses shadow.
For those traveling to Australia for the eclipse, please note that the eclipse occurs on the morning of Nov. 14, local time.

NASA eclipse info for today’s eclipse is HERE.

Wednesday Nov 28, 2012 is the partial Lunar Eclipse, the other Red day this month.

Your life’s 18 month “Theme” is about to shift

Each eclipse pattern is in each of our lives for 18 months at a time.  Just know that eclipse patterns stir a part of our life FOR CHANGE and ultimately for Highest Good in our life, it just may not feel like it at the time.

Sometimes these changes are easier to integrate than others.  The third of 3 sets of eclipses occurs this month, in November 2012 (13th and 28th).  This is affecting everyone in the area of life and house of your birth chart that Libra and Taurus, and some of Scorpio, represents.

The next time this same set of eclipses will return is in 19 years.

Every 18 months, each of us has a theme “Light Up” in our lives.  If your Vedic Birth chart has planets in Libra, Taurus or Scorpio, then you will be finishing a life lesson or theme in your life soon.


Opportunity in the palm of your hand

Here is your opportunity:

If you can create calm in and around the events in your life, no matter what emerges in your life this month, then you will be finishing with this set of lessons very soon.

If on the other hand, you get ‘all Jerry Springer’ this month about an issue, then you are creating more engrained karmas on this issue and will need to revisit the lesson again.  And the headaches connected with these issues will continue to vibrate for at least 6 more months for you, instead of resolving this month or by the end of the year.



So, are you ready to be done with this form of suffering or minor irritation in your life?

Think back to Nov 2011, May 2012 and this last month.  There is a theme that has predominated your conversations or “inner talk”.

You have an opportunity to SEE the resolution with your Inner sight;

You can see things differently, think differently, act differently than you have with these people or situation in the past.

You can be free of this issue in a whole new way.  Often this is by being completely, really DONE with it.  No more ‘rackish, frackish, blah, blah, blah’ self talk about that thing.  I ask you:

Who would you be without this issue?

What would you do in your life or the world, without this issue?
Meditate on this, seriously, silently meditate, no music or people around you.

Just try it for 10 minutes today.

Ask those two questions and then just let the question go.  Breathe deep, and see what bubbles to the surface.
A realization, a letting go, a possibility will likely arise.

The solar eclipse gives us a tremendous window into our Subconscious mind.

  • Go enjoy some silence, and celebrate your Inner Light!
  • When you let go, the Inner Light shines even brighter.
  • This theme changes every 18 months and it is significant to you IF you have important planets being touched off in your natal chart.


The next theme will be starting January of 2013 and we will see the theme really emerge with the next set of eclipses in April/May 2013 (in 6 months, like clock work, eclipses occur every 6 months).

Big Changes in January 2013

This January 15, 2013 there is the next BIG shift in the skies.

Remaining centered this November will help your 2013 to start with Zing and clarity.
Get ready for some wild times this month, celebrate what you have learned, let go of  what no longer serves you, and you will gain another step toward embodying the bright Light that you are!


Share with us 3 specific things that you are grateful for in the last 24 hours.

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