100 Minutes of Darkness

June 15th’s Total Lunar Eclipse 2011

100 Minutes of Darkness

Africa, Asia, parts of Europe and Australia will be under the shadow of this full lunar eclipse. This eclipse will last 100 minutes, since the Moon will be passing right through the center, or thickest part of our shadow in Space.  This will be a very dark eclipse for those under its shadow.

Wednesday  June 15

The partial eclipse lasts approximately  3.5  hours beginning at 18:23 UT (11:23  am Pacific Time) and ending 22:02 UT ( 3:02 pm Pacific Time )

Animation with times of the eclipse http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar-eclipse-june-15-2011.html

Totality lasts those 100 minutes with the time of greatest eclipse or Peak Eclipse at 20:13 UT or 1:13 pm PT on the West Coast of the United States.

What does this mean in mundane Vedic astrology?  That those who live in the path of the darkest portion of this eclipse might observe these effects in their government, politics, social order, farming and effects on the land.  It is often easier to observe the effects on populations where the eclipse land, rather than focusing on a single person’s life in the path of the eclipse.  This is what mundane astrology concerns.  Typically, this is practiced with teams of Vedic astrologers all testing each other’s theories and researching the effects and testing the predictions.

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