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April Poems

As a continuation of National Poetry Month, I am sharing some Rumi poetry today.

Who Makes These Changes?

The Spiral of Desire

The Spiral of Desire

Who makes these changes?

I shoot an arrow right.

It lands left.

I ride after a deer and find myself

chased by a hog.

I plot to get what I want

and end up in prison.

                                                      I dig pits to trap others

                                                     and fall in.

                                                    I should be suspicious

                                                  of what I want.

                                      – Rumi

                                                      (Mathnawi, VI, 3682-3687)

Silent Sun, Naked Sun

Silent Sun, Naked Sun

The Naked Sun

Those who live in Union

become pregnant with the feelings and words

of invisible forms!

Their amazed mouths

open.  Their eyes withdraw.

Children are born of that illumination.

We say “born”, but that’s not right.

It only points to a new understanding.

Be quiet and let the Master of Speech talk.

Don’t try to dress up your own nightingale-song

to tell this Rose!  Be all ear.

This pregnancy!

So subtle and delicious,

the way ice in July reminds us of winter,

the way fruit in January tells of summer


that’s how the naked Sun

embraces all the orchard-brides at once.


(Mathnawi, VI,1810-1822)

Rumi poems from “This Longing“: Poetry, Teaching Stories, and Letters of Rumi. Translated by Coleman Barks and John Moyne and Threshold Books

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