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Year of the Entrepreneur Book launch event

on August 9, 2013

How will the current Invention Revolution fuel one of the greatest economic expansions in American history? Find out how and why in the new book.

Receive insights to the “year” that began June of 2013!  What is it about this time, according to Vedic astrology’s view of American History which is creating the incredibly fertile ground for a HUGE Entrepreneurial movement in America?

Do you consider yourself a Conscious Entrepreneur?  Are you going to be able to ride the wave of change that is happening right now?

Learn the Most CRUCIAL things you NEED to know to succeed

as an entrepreneur for the coming year.

Do you want to successfully navigate the entrepreneurial economic landscape for the next year?

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For the next 18 months?


Learn what is unique about these two years within the next 20 years of business cycles.

Learn What WAY of doing business will flourish through Fall of 2014 and set the stage for an entire new way of doing things.

What is the year really going to be like for small businesses?

See current trends & cycles of the US nation in agriculture, Science R & D, education, & real estate


Vedic Astrology can take a Satellite snapshot of a nation, just like a person’s birth chart.


You can see current trends & cycles of the US nation;

see which sectors will succeed and which ones will falter.


Kathleen has created an astrological Forecast of 2013 of the US for you

based on Vedic astrological cycles of the United States.

Kathleen has researched US historical time periods that repeat similar cycles to what where we are NOW.


What do Tesla, JP Morgan, Mark Twain and J.D. Rockefeller have in common with you?


Find out in the new book – No one has used Vedic Astrology like this.  This is not a forecast – it is putting movements in science, inventions, economics, and pop culture into perspective – so that you understand where you fit in this incredibly ripe time in history.  If you seize this opportunity, you can get a jump on the shift that is occurring right before our eyes.  You can be prepared for the economic expansion that is about to occur in the United States.


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This May 2013, there were some BIG Astrological shifts for both individuals and for the nation. 


In January 2013, the planet Saturn and where the eclipses occur aligned to create some major patterns of disruption and advancement in specific areas of science and invention.  Learn when these elements will be at their most intense and where in the skies this will be.

Kathleen explains when this occurred in the past and what it all means for the US nation for the next 18 months.


In this book and class to follow, you will learn:


Profession & Market Trends for the US Entrepreneur in 2013 and 2014
   Gain new insights to the cycles of our nation and be a savvy business planner at the same time
   Learn to tailor YOUR products, services or company with current trends
   Increase your visibility and bottom line by knowing where to spend your time and energy
   Improve your health by changing with the times and decreasing your stress

This is a Business Weather Report.

What is happening with the US economy and most importantly, US entrepreneurship?


This class will give you a Forecast of the storms & Sunny weather ahead, so you can prepare for any difficult times and capitalize in the Sunny zones.

Owner’s manual Warning:  REMEMBER, that each person has their own, individual karmas.  The results for each person who learns this information will be completely different.  Individual experience will vary based on your personal view, your Vedic birth chart, your personal timings, the choices you make and how you act in your life.  Individual results DO vary.

This class is for the Conscious Entrepreneur to be more AWARE of his/her Economic environment to make Conscious Choices aligned with his/her Best Self.

This class is your crystal ball into the next 18 months of US History in the making.

We all know that history repeats itself.  But did you know that the cycles of time and the United States’ life and economy can be read through Vedic astrology?


Join Kathleen Whalen for a historical and projected history of the US

based on her extensive Vedic astrological research of the cycles of the US Economy,

the movements of the planets next year and how this affects the history of the US birth chart.


If you knew what the US economy was going to be like, would you plan your business differently?

In this book, Kathleen illuminates where the wealth of the nation resides, hot professional trends, the general tenor of the stock market over the next 18 months and how these same factors affect our schools and education – all based on the Vedic Astrological cycles of the US.


Get a sense of trends and then match what works for your business.

Here is the introduction to the book “Year of the Entrepreneur” for your sneak preview.

Introduction to Year of the Entrepreneur (click here to read and download)

Year of the Entrepreneur

How the current Invention Revolution promises to fuel the next great economic expansion in America.

This is a crucial time in history to be an entrepreneur.

The U.S. nation is currently experiencing a time similar to the 1890s, a second Gilded Age in the midst of economic unrest.  How will modern companies and entrepreneurs ride the waves of transformation so they can thrive in the current age of recovery?

You hold in your hands a bird’s eye view of our history as it is unfolding.

Vedic astrology draws clear parallels between the first Gilded Age of the 1890s and our current time of economic upheaval and recovery, and the age of invention which abounds in both.  We are simultaneously on the brink and in the midst of a technological revolution; one that is laying new infrastructure and economic architecture that will spur America’s next economic expansion.

Year of the Entrepreneur explains the previous time in U.S. history which led to one of America’s greatest economic expansions.  Our current time mirrors a rich period of history where a deep recession combined with impetus and opportunity led to one of the greatest economic expansions this nation has seen.  The years1895 – 1907 witnessed the stock market double(1), not before the nation saw labor riots and stock market panics in the early 1890s.(2)  We, too, will witness market instability in spring 2013, which will, ironically, lay a foundation for investing in energy and communication infrastructure, and pave the way to economic expansion.

The Year of the Entrepreneur begins in the midst of the age of Invention and a technological and business Revolution.

What follows is a roadmap of how these will develop simultaneously.  Your place is to embrace this fascinating time and participate in history making, whether you are an entrepreneur, a CEO, a school teacher or a mechanic.

In 10 to 30 years we will see how pivotal 2013 and 2015 were in the decade of tumult and transformation.

We are on the verge of a new industrial revolution, which is laying the ground work for one of the greatest economic expansions in American history.  The cycles of any nation’s history can be explained when viewed through the lens of Vedic astrology.

Did you know that viewing the U.S. Vedic birth chart literally draws its cycles of history? Just as individuals have birth charts in Vedic astrology, our nation has a birth chart.

I study time and timing and assist others to understand the context of their lives, careers, hopes, dreams, difficulties and talents.   This same filter can be applied to nations, and Year of the Entrepreneur promises to reveal this special timing and assist you to understand current U.S. history as it unfolds.

It is the entrepreneurs who generate innovation and change out of survival in difficult economic times. Once again, American history is being made by the workings of the high risk investor, the inventor and entrepreneur at this time.  And that same population will make the most of a national investment in new technology infrastructure.

The opportunities for entrepreneurs will come as a direct response to the ‘market correction’ that will occur in spring of 2013.

Imagine you lived at a time when you had not seen light bulbs or electricity light up a city.  We are living in just such a time again – but our ‘light bulb’ is a slightly different this time around.

Those in 1890s America could only vaguely imagine the idea of electricity in every home and its effects on industry or the future of flying for pleasure becoming commonplace.  Similarly, even though it may seem a distant idea to us today, we are on the precipice of witnessing privatized space travel, of nanotechnology-devices that appear to run on air, and of quantum computing becoming commonly known.

Crowd Storming

For Americans, this is a magical time in the invention revolution, where entrepreneurism and government will blend to support a wave of new patents and creative solutions through group or crowd, brain storming (Crowd Storming), and companies will pool resources to change the way business is done.

I share with you specific examples of companies that are already doing just this to create new models of business and a new way of pooling brilliance and talent for effective work, harmony and balance for more people while pushing the boundaries of how companies are run.

We will also witness how new discoveries in science will literally change how we understand the laws of our Universe.

This book is meant to give you both a magnifying glass and a greater vantage point to help you see your place in this time, and endow you with a more conscious and powerful experience of how to construct your life.  (This book is Your Find Out Why Magnifier)

It is an exhilarating period where leaders will literally lay a new web between commerce, infrastructure, industry and consumer while the social nature of the Connection Economy will fund new ideas, products and patents with crowd funding and consumerism will explode.

Since the current age of discovery mimics the tumultuous time of the 1890s, we will see our current unstable time both co-create and spur incredible innovation.



  1. Stock market doubling – see wiki on DJIA
  2. “The Panic of 1893 was the worst economic depression the United States had ever experienced at the time.”
  3. ©2013 Kathleen M Whalen


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