Super Moon Unites the World

Moonover Parthenon

Moon over Parthenon

Super Moon – Under One Sky

The Super Moon that occurred on Saturday March 19th was a magical event which inspired the world to go out at Sunset and watch the rising Perigee Moon together.

This rising Moon over the Parthenon gives us a sense of what last Saturday night was like as the world went out and photographed and viewed the Perigee Moon together – an event that will not take place for another 18 – 20 years.

We have gathered under one sky after the tragic events in Japan.  And this past weekend we were given another reason to gather – this time to witness Beauty rising.   

Events like viewing the Super Moon together remind us of our human connection.  We view the sky from different cultures, horizons and landscapes and yet are all under the same Moon.
We are all one, and this last Super Moon reminded us of that, while it linked us to our place on the Earth and connected us with the cosmos.

It is entertaining to look back and see how social media helped news of the Super Moon spread so quickly.  The perigee Moon was featured in CNN headlines and splashed all over Facebook.  Many even tweeted their view or asked if others saw the Moon the next few days.  And yet this instant social media extravaganza is the way that more people learned about the Super Moon and walked out Saturday night to view the beautiful Moon together. 

Viewing the Moon together woke us up to our connectedness.
We all viewed the Moon as it rose that Saturday night.  What other kind of event would bring the entire world outside to view the sky at essentially the same time around the world? 

Tragedy reminds us of our fragileness and joins us together.  What a gift to be given a beautiful reason to join together.   

The Super Moon gets its name from a 1979 western astrologer who described this event that  occurs every 18 – 20 years.  When the ellipitical orbit of our Moon comes as close as it can to Earth in its orbit and coincides with a full Moon – then a Super Moon appears. It appears larger on the Eastern, rising horizon. 

NASA scientists posted an article and video that swept Facebook and the world news in a short time. The images of the Moon’s orbit is helpful to understand why this occurs only every 18 years.

One Sky under Super Moon

Shortly after being united over revolution in Egypt and tragedy in Japan, we have been united in a timeless experience of looking up at the Moon. 

We are being asked individually and as a single people, whether we are in rhythm with Nature and the Earth itself.

As if to ask, “How are the cycles of your life and how connected are you in your sleep, eating and work? 

How are we using our resources? 

(If you feel out of synch, then consider consulting an ayurvedic practitioner or Chinese medicine practitioner, who assists health and balance through understanding our place in the seasons and elements and your specific body type.)

Could we be as graceful as the Japanese people if we lost electricity and communications?  Could I survive with just my connection to nature and fellow man alone?”  If we are in rythm with our lives, then these questions do not raise fear but allow us to settle more deeply in our True nature – that we are connected all the time, something that this Moon reminded us.

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